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BREAKING: Joe Biden Forgets He Was Vice President Under Obama

Memory Loss Hinted in Biden’s Classified Documents Investigation


Last week, distinguished Special Investigator Robert Hur finalized his in-depth probe into the alleged mismanagement of classified materials by President Joe Biden. His concluding report indicates that the Justice Department will not pursue charges against Biden or any members of his team.

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The report touches on concerns over Biden’s cognitive health, highlighting instances where the President apparently failed to recall essential details from his tenure under the Obama administration. A particularly poignant excerpt from the report states, ‘Upon interviewing Mr. Biden, his memory issues were apparent. Specific dates and periods evaded him, including the timeline of his vice presidency.’

Unsettlingly, Mr. Biden also seemed to struggle with more personal timelines, notably the tragic loss of his son Beau. A cloudy recollection of the salient Afghan conflict debates he once was deeply involved in was also observed. These deficiencies raise concerns about the mental fitness required to manage the complexities inherent in the highest office of the nation.

The report further notes that Biden, if tested in court, would potentially portray himself to the jury as a benign, elderly gentleman with unfortunate memory issues, echoing his demeanor during the investigation interviews. His ‘sympathetic’ persona is underlined by Investigator Hur, inferring the possibility of a jury leaning towards leniency.

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The directive to scrutinize the President stemmed from classified materials being discovered in several locations in early 2023. These included Biden’s residence, his office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, and other undisclosed places.

The unearthing of classified documents in Biden’s possession coincided with a federal operation targeting former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort for likeminded infractions. This adds an intriguing twist to the narrative, drawing parallels between the two distinct administrations.

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The initial discovery in late November of classified documents in Biden’s Penn Biden Center office took investigators by surprise. These documents were identified as originating from his time in office as Vice President under the Obama administration. Subsequent searches further unearthed revealing artifacts.

A sweep of the President’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, the subsequent month unveiled a collection of potentially classified paperwork housed in his garage. This event required immediate action by the White House legal team and the National Archives and Records Administration, the agency tasked with safeguarding state secrets.

Regardless of these unusual circumstances, the Department of Justice opted not to charge President Biden. Special Investigator Hur’s report states, ‘From our findings, we find no basis for criminal charges in this case. This conclusion holds regardless of any prohibitions against indicting a sitting president.’

The detailed investigation revealed that President Biden continued to keep and divulge classified information post his Vice Presidential tenure, whilst a private citizen. This act of retaining state secrets after moving out of a public role raises certain constitutional questions.

According to the report, the materials retained involved marked classified documents pertaining to military and foreign policy in Afghanistan. Biden’s personal notebooks, filled with handwritten entries on national security and foreign policy matters that hinted at sensitive intelligence sources and methods, were found among the materials.

Federal agents recovered these important documents from the garage, offices, and even a basement den in Biden’s Delaware home. This indicates a troubling lack of separation between Biden’s personal life as a civilian and his previous high-stakes leadership roles.

In closing, while President Biden currently faces no charges, this episode presents a multifaceted scenario to consider regarding ethical responsibility and possible cognitive decline in our leaders. This saga continues to unfold, and its potential impacts on our nation’s vision and direction will be closely monitored.

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