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BREAKING: Hunter Biden to Be Held in Contempt of Congress After Ignoring Subpoena

The Biden Name: Privilege or Excuse for Hunter’s Dismissive Approach to Deposition


Last week, the son of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, made known his intention to disregard a summons for a private deposition in the national legislature, originally requested by House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) in the preceding weeks.

Instead of obliging to the private session instructed by the committee, the senior Biden took it upon himself to demand a public platform for his testimony, declining to respect the parameters set for a confidential dialog.

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Following this unpredictable move, Chairman Comer unveiled his willingness to arrange such a public hearing, seeing it as an opportunity to strip away any barriers and allow the American citizens to act as the jury. Furthermore, due to his refusal to comply with established procedures, the committee resolved to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of the Congress.

In the congressional panel’s correspondence, the avoidance of Hunter Biden to honor a legitimate subpoena was highlighted, following up with the announcement that a process of holding him in contempt of the Congress will be initiated.

A firm statement was also made, arguing that there should be no room for exceptions just because of his surname, Biden. The letter also contained a pointed message at his family; it emphasized the importance of accountability, hinting at the alleged corruption charges surrounding them.

Echoing the subpoena’s original intention, Hunter Biden was called to answer questions in a deposition slated for an early morning start. However, instead of maintaining his scheduled appearance he chose to confront his critics on Republican side at the Capitol in a press dialogue.

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Striking a defensive tone, Hunter voiced his frustrations accusing his adversaries of trivializing his struggle for recovery, and executing a campaign of dehumanization against him, with the main motive being to challenge the integrity of his father’s longstanding public service.

In a significant move, Hunter Biden threw down the gauntlet at his critics who have for the past half-a-decade made him an object of relentless scrutiny under the aegis of the former president Trump’s investigative unit.

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Responding to the notorious pro-Trump rhetoric ‘Where’s Hunter?’, he delivered a bold statement of resilience, stating in no uncertain terms, ‘I am here’. His hasty departure upon completing this statement denied an opportunity for any challenging questions from the media.

In a response to this obvious non-compliance with the subpoena from Congress, Chairman Comer voiced his intention to execute the deposition of Hunter Biden, and expressed his eagerness to bring him forward in a public hearing which would lay bare the details of the case for American citizens.

Elaborating further, Chairman Comer noted that it was normal protocol during an investigation to be deposed and that they anticipate him to cooperate.

Reiterating the approach of the investigation from the onset, Chairman Comer highlighted the genuine, credible, and transparent nature of their examination. Furthermore, he pointed out the strides they have taken in this investigation, which include publishing four bank memorandums and holding numerous media briefings.

The investigation, as highlighted by Comer, delves into allegations of public corruption at the highest levels of government. The painstaking and detailed process has also yielded a staggering amount of data that points to disturbing facts, which seem to rattle the collective conscience of the majority of the American population.

Not shying away from disclosing the extent of their findings, Comer suggested they have specific queries, alongside an accumulated stockpile of corroborating documents, banking records, emails, and other forms of communication. Reflections of countless hours of diligent work conducted by the committee over approximately three-quarters of a year are visible in these accumulated artifacts.

According to Comer’s message, the intention remains to press the president’s son to be deposed, emphasizing this as part of the norm in investigative protocols. He also reiterated the committee’s readiness to conduct a transparent public court for Hunter Biden to deal with the questions and data collected.


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