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BREAKING: Documents Revealed Showing Joe Biden Emailed Directly with Hunter Biden Associate 

Biden’s Email Chronology Tied with Son’s Business Partner: GOP Investigation Unveils


This past Thursday, resolute House Republicans unveiled numerous documents bringing to light President Joe Biden’s active correspondence with his son Hunter’s business ally. Biden, while helming the vice president’s office during the Obama era, communicated with Eric Schwerin, who professionally advised him on financial matters between 2009 and 2017, at least 54 times via email.

These revealed emails coincide with the period Biden made a trip to Ukraine in June 2014. Television network NBC News showed data affirming that Biden and Schwerin had 35 email exchanges surrounding the timeframe of the Ukraine visit in 2014. Interestingly, these engagements seem to have occurred alongside the appointment of Hunter to the Burisma board, adding another layer of intrigue.

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The release of these communication logs is part of an ongoing examination by House Republicans into the Democratic president’s actions. The documents were made public in connection to an IRS leak facilitated by Joseph Ziegler, an informant who supplied these records to the House Ways and Means Committee.

Ziegler, earlier this year, testified before Congress saying that multiple correspondences were found between Hunter Biden and his business affiliates, igniting further queries about the emails’ content and implications.

In an effort to gain clarity, Congress demanded Hunter Biden’s presence for a deposition earlier this month. The son of the president was expected to respond to inquiries regarding these emails among other matters of interest identified by House Republicans. Frustratingly for the GOP, Hunter opted not to adhere to the subpoena.

Hunter insisted on delivering his testimony in public, snubbing the private deposition in a move that exhibited clear defiance towards a congressional subpoena. Pursuing transparency, Chairman Comer announced his intention to conduct a public deposition involving Biden’s son.

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Comer is determined to make the evidence visible to the American citizens, emphasizing that he would eagerly welcome a public gathering featuring the president’s son. He stated his firm belief in the importance of full transparency throughout the inquiry.

During a recent conference, Chairman Comer drove home his commitment to the investigative process, emphasizing the necessity for Biden’s son to come forward and participate in the deposition. He highlighted that this is a normal part of any thorough investigation.

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Comer reaffirmed the seriousness and credibility of the ongoing probe, reminding everyone that four bank memorandums had been successfully published and numerous media briefings had taken place, setting a high precedent for transparency.

The investigation into what Comer labeled as ‘public corruption at the highest levels’ has compiled a vast array of compelling evidence that demands the attention of the American people. The gravity of the evidence accumulated is not lost on the general population, he implied.

He hammered home the point that this investigation has led to numerous, specific questions. American people will have a chance to peruse substantial volumes of documents, bank statements, emails, and text messages that the committee has painstakingly amassed over several months.

Chairman Comer continued, passionately elaborating on the tremendous investigative efforts poured into the case over the past eight to nine months. He affirmed the extraordinary level of hard work dedicated to this endeavor by the committee.

A stern Comer concluded by reaffirming their determination to question the president’s son in front of the public eye. According to him, they would be more than enthusiastic to arrange a public hearing involving Biden’s son.

Through adversities, the GOP continues its pursuit for transparency and justice despite the current challenges posed, and they continue hoping for a public discourse, echoing the democratic values ingrained in the Constitution.


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