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BREAKING: Congressional Contempt Charge Awaits Hunter Biden as GOP Leaders Unveil Vote

House GOP Funnel Rule of Law: Hunter Biden’s Contempt Charge in the Beckoning


Just last week, GOP leaders in the House brought forth a significant announcement. They unveiled the imminent vote on a Congressional contempt charge directed at President Biden’s son, Hunter.

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A scramble ensued as Hunter Biden and his legal team attempted to circumvent this action, promising members of the House GOP that they would comply with subpoenas, if the House Oversight Committee restated their request for a deposition or hearing.

A key figure in this unfolding narrative is Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana, who took to X/Twitter to share that the vote was scheduled for the following week. He expressed frustration over Hunter Biden’s disregard for the subpoenas, stressing that no one is exempt from the rule of law. ‘The House will strive next week to impose contempt of Congress on Hunter Biden for his perpetual neglect of subpoenas. His antics have been excessive. He cannot operate under a distinct set of rules. No one is above the law,’ Scalise stated.

The propulsion of the contempt charge to the House floor was made possible by the House Oversight Committee, under the leadership of Chairman James Comer of Kentucky. Earlier in the week, the Committee had decided to put prosecution for contempt of Congress against Hunter up for vote. This move was seen as a pivotal step forward in holding Hunter accountable.

During the meeting for the vote’s progression, an unexpected attendee arrived—Hunter Biden himself. Joining the initial part of the hearing, he was seen seated in the audience along with his entourage. In a backdrop characterized by heightened suspense, Chairman Comer elaborated on what he termed as ‘Hunter’s malfeasance’.

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Throughout the course of our investigations, a substantial amount of evidence was compiled, which all points to a strong possibility that President Biden was aware, involved, and profited from his family leveraging the Biden name,’ Comer disclosed, as reported by Fox News. Our intention was to interrogate Hunter Biden regarding this chain of evidence during our deposition but he starkly evaded two legal subpoenas.

‘Hunter Biden’s consistent and conscious defiance of our committee’s subpoenas is an unlawful act,’ he continued, ‘that is tantamount to Congress’s contempt, meriting a referral to the fitting United States Attorney’s Office for potential prosecution as sanctioned by law.’ The chairman clarified that there would be no preferential treatment for Hunter Biden based simply on his family name, emphasizing the need for equality before the law.

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However, as the hearing moved forward with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene beginning her speech, Hunter made a hasty exit, leaving the room and the audience with a sense of anticipation and puzzlement. What had started as a surprise entry ended in a sudden departure, raising further questions about his actions.

In the aftermath of his sudden presence at the hearing, Hunter had his attorney, famed lawyer Abbe Lowell, send a letter to the committee. In it, he promised compliance with a subpoena, provided a new one was issued. The letter contested the legality of the original subpoenas, arguing they were issued prior to the formal unfolding of the impeachment inquiry and were hence ‘legally deficient’.

Lowell, representing Hunter, wrote, ‘Should a new, valid subpoena be issued now that a duly recognized impeachment inquiry is underway, Mr. Biden is committed to compliance regarding a hearing or deposition.’ He confirmed their acceptance of such a subpoena on behalf of his client.

The central issue here – that Hunter Biden deliberately evaded a congressional subpoena – demands due attention and must be dealt with effectively. From a general perspective, it is the responsibility of those who champion the rule of law, irrespective of party affiliation, to rally together.

The importance of the upcoming vote cannot be overstated, especially with respect to its potential implications for the Bidens. Would it be a turning point in their narrative, or is it destined to become yet another contentious issue dividing the Congress?

Whether to support or protest Hunter’s actions, this vote gives everyone a chance to underscore their commitment to set prejudices aside and respect the rule of law. It is a matter of democratic responsibility, rather than partisan politics.

In the final analysis, one principle stands above all: no one, regardless of their position or family ties, stands above the law. This applies to Hunter Biden just as much as it does to any American citizen.

Should Hunter face any consequences for his actions? One would expect so – laws are drafted and enforced to maintain order, and a society where the law is heedlessly disregarded would be a society in chaos. As the episode regarding Hunter Biden unfolds, all eyes will be on Congress’s decision next week.


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