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BREAKING: Colorado GOP to Include Trump on Ballot Regardless of Vote

Election 2024: Colorado Republicans Champion Trump’s Ballot Presence


An notable movement is taking place in Colorado’s political arena that places the former President Donald Trump at the forefront of the forthcoming 2024 primary election. The Republicans have conveyed a strong appeal to the Supreme Court in an effort to secure Trump’s name on the ballot. This development follows an earlier verdict by the state’s Supreme Court to exclude Trump from the primary ballot.

Wednesday saw the Colorado GOP being proactive and making significant strides in an attempt to overturn the previous ruling. This resulted in Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold making an announcement that may carry significant weight for the potential primary battle ahead. Unless otherwise directed by the U.S. Supreme Court, she intends to enlist Trump in the primary ballot, abiding by the certification deadline of January 5.

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Shifting the focus to the U.S. Supreme Court, there lies an unprecedented seeding of events in their court. The curry of contention bubbles with two contrasting rulings – one from Colorado stirring intense debate and the other from the Michigan Supreme Court, which declined an attempt to unseat Trump from their primary ballot. This has taken the spotlight, highlighting the struggle between the state-level governments and the national legal system over the placement of candidates on primary ballots.

In another chapter of this story, the Colorado Supreme Court implemented a pause on its ruling until January 4. This strategic pause effectively allows time for any appeal against the ruling to be heard and considered. This decision has further added to the anticipatory suspense, ahead of the impending national election.

The appeal’s filing led Secretary Griswold to publicly declare her intent to feature Trump on the Colorado primary ballot, in line with the looming certification deadline of January 5. Again, this is predicated on the condition that neither is the appeal approved by the U.S. Supreme Court, nor is the case dismissed in entirety.

The spectacle of these two states’ opposing rulings sets the stage for the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the case. The decision reached will essentially serve as a directive, establishing a nationwide legal precedent that extends to every corner of the country, permeating all future political endeavours.

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However, the situation only grows in complexity as a pressing political timer begins its count down. The distinguished members of the U.S. Supreme Court find themselves in a challenging race against time. They must arrive at a judicial determination before the much-publicized Super Tuesday, slated for March 5.

This ticking political time bomb does not come devoid of complications. Intricate details add texture to the unfolding situation, as revealed in the press release shared by Secretary Griswold. Underneath its matter-of-fact tone lies a chain of important dates that could potentially influence the course of this political discourse.

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Early 2024 brings the deadline for primary ballots to dispatch to military voters. This date has been set decisively at January 20, merely two weeks away from the potential Supreme Court appeal decision. The phenomenal speed at which this political scenario is set to evolve is truly noteworthy.

Indeed, the political timeline continues unabated, with more critical milestones looming. February 12 will be the day when these ballots will be mailed out to the broader electorate. Expect this day to be marked by all parties as an important turning point in their campaign strategies.

As is the tradition, each primary voting phase begins at the end of February. On this occasion, February 26 will be the starter gun sending all candidates into the political fray. It marks the commencement of the nation’s evaluation of the individuals who have the potential to take on the highest office in the land.

However, the inevitable question looms: What would the fate of the already released ballots be if the U.S. Supreme Court rejects the appeal or chooses not to take up the case? This question hangs in the air, adding another turning card to an already high stake game of political poker.

Indeed, these happenings in the realm of politics emphasize the magnitude of the unfolding election scenario. Be it the contrarian rulings of two distinct states, the impending decisions by the Supreme Court, or the relentless march of important dates and deadlines, the stage is set for a monumental political contest.


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