Bre Tiesi On ‘Selling Sunset’ Rates Michael B. Jordan’s Performance as Sub Par

Reality Stars Unexpected Disclosure About Her Encounter with Michael B. Jordan

Reality television star Bre Tiesi has provided some unexpected commentary about her encounter with famous actor Michael B. Jordan. In an earlier season of ‘Selling Sunset’, Tiesi candidly admitted to having a one-night stand with the celebrated actor, and she now adds the counterpart: she was not too impressed with his performance.

The shocking revelation was made while Tiesi was under the scrutiny of a lie detector test on the reunion episode of the Netflix series.

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During the reunion episode, host Tan France posed a flurry of questions to Tiesi from fans. These queries touched on everything from her relationship with fellow cast member Chelsea Lazkani, to her opinion on who is the most attractive amongst her colleagues. The question that produced the most noteworthy response, however, inquired about Jordan’s competence as a lover.

Tiesi, evidently taken aback, let out a chuckle and buried her face in her hands. Seizing the moment with a dash of comedy, the 40-year old host responded with, ‘I might have a personal stake in this answer. After all, he’s the one I’d give myself a free pass for.’ Tiesi, while fighting her amusement replied, ‘I’m going to land in a heap of trouble for this,’ before clearly stating, ‘No,’ accompanied by a shake of her head.

A collective gasp reverberated around the room from the cast members present, swiftly followed by an affirmation from lie detector examiner John Grogan who verified, ‘That’s accurate,’ and signaled it with a thumbs-up. The unexpected confession stirred fresh laughter, as Brett and Jason Oppenheim, the twins who co-founded Oppenheim Group and also star in the show, cringed in disbelief. ‘I apologize, darling,’ Tiesi jested, ‘I guess I spoiled some fantasies today.’

The humor continued as Tan France pointed out, ‘And boy’s dreams were dashed as well!’ At the beginning of the series’ seventh season, Tiesi announced that she had a brief encounter with Jordan over dinner, amidst the company of her co-stars: Emma Hernan, Chrishell Stause, and Amanza Smith. She faced the lie detector during the reunion episode of ‘Selling Sunset’.

The conversation about celebrity crushes arose when Stause, aged 42, asked the others, ‘If you could pick any celebrity to sleep with, who would you choose?’ Smith, who at 46 was the oldest of the group, responded with ‘Michael B. Jordan.’ At this, Tiesi confessed, ‘Not only could I, but I have.’ This revelation left Hernan, who is the same age as Tiesi, visibly taken aback as she exclaimed, ‘You’ve done it? My goodness! I can’t help but imagine what it was like.’

With a twinkling eye and a dash of surprise, Tiesi added, ‘Let’s just say I’ve enjoyed my favourites,’ only to retract with a subsequent, ‘Just jesting.’

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Following the broadcast of the episode, Tiesi admitted to not being aware that she was being filmed when discussing her escapade with Jordan. In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, she explained how it all unfolded during a casual chat while the crew was setting up the equipment for the next shot. This led to her widely circulated confession making it to the final cut of the show.

When questioned by Entertainment Tonight if she was aware her disclosure would end up on television, Tiesi acknowledged that she should have been more cautious, stating ‘yes, it was my own mistake. I should have known better.’

In addition to her experiences with Jordan, she also discussed her love life, bearing a son named Legendary Love Cannon with television personality and actor Nick Cannon in July 2022. Amidst dinner banter with Hernan, Stause, and Smith, Tiesi opened up about her connection with Nick.

Speaking candidly to her co-stars, Tiesi averred, ‘I hold deep affection for Nick. I am content with the nature of our relationship, irrespective of how it might appear. If I wish to date, I do so. I am autonomous, but I would never behave in a way that is disrespectful to Nick. I have always been respectful, even considering his multifarious situations.

Discerning the quizzical expressions of those around her at her circumlocutory response–Nick Cannon has fathered 12 children since 2011, with multiple women–Tiesi came to a conclusion. ‘I sense that others find this difficult to fathom and to be honest, I do not mind if they do not understand.’


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