Brazen Attempt by Navy Sailor to Access Biden’s Medical Records

In the early part of this year, an audacious attempt to pry into President Biden’s confidential medical records was made by a Navy sailor, a brazen action which naturally warranted a subsequent rebuke. The sailor, an opportunist stationed at the Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command in Fort Belvoir, Northern Virginia, attempted to infringe on the secrecy of Biden’s health records on February 23rd, as per the disclosure by Navy Spokesperson Cmdr. Tim Hawkins.

Despite the secrecy surrounding the roster of those who dared overstep boundaries, the identity of this curious and naughty sailor was kept under wrap by the Navy, in an attempt seemingly to avoid drawing undue attention. However, records suggest that this sailor, pushed by ostensible curiosity, used the name ‘Joseph Biden’ as a search keyword within a military health system electronic database on three separate occasions, all within a span of a few hours.

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Though acclaimed media giants such as CBS News and ABC News reported the disciplinary action against this errant sailor earlier, they tactically remained silent on the specifics of this disciplinary action. This left an open question: to what extent did the Navy reprimand the sailor for this inappropriate dalliance? The military authority seems to have taken the path of obscurity rather than divulging the details to the public, an action that raises eyebrows as to their commitment to transparency.

Coincidentally, Biden has been the subject of much scrutiny over his health and mental agility, particularly following an underwhelming performance at a debate on June 27. Even Democrats, ordinarily the steadfast supporters of Biden, signaled that it might be time for his re-election bid to come to a quiet end. Could this be civilization’s way of saying that it’s time for a long rest after a lifetime service?

Coming back to the audacious sailor, it was, indeed, an act of integrity and responsibility that led a fellow sailor to report this potential violation of medical privacy laws. The report moved the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) to delve into this matter, an investigation that ran its course and concluded on April 24, as per the statement by Commander Hawkins.

The spinning wheel of the investigation confirmed that the record accessed by the sailor was certainly not the electronic medical record of President Biden; this was one minor relief coming our way. The Commander, in an email exchange, assured that the president’s personal information remained secured throughout this episode. One might wonder, though, how close of a shave it was, and part of the danger is never knowing!

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The secrecy surrounding the disciplinary action taken against the sailor is disappointingly intriguing. With the Navy’s refusal to detail the punishment, citizens are left wondering about their commitment to enforcing accountability and, undoubtedly, the fairness of said reprimands. Such military discipline matters should never be swept under the rug.

As to be expected, the Biden administration’s response was somewhat lackluster. Rather than directly addressing the issue, they passed the buck to the White House—who in turn has yet to make any decisive statement on the matter, further fueling skepticism.

In the saga of elderly major-party presidential nominees, Biden and former President Donald Trump have collectively remained tight-lipped about their progressive medical condition, leaving the public rife with speculation. This suppression of vital health information only propagates doubt and mistrust among an already wary citizenry.

Fanning the flames of this ever-simmering conversation around Biden’s health, the administration has recently been confronted with a bothersome query—why has a known Parkinson’s expert from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center visited the White House eight times over the course of just eight months, spanning from last summer to early spring?

The expert, Dr. Kevin Cannard, a renowned neurologist, seems to have become a frequent visitor to the White House, as evident from the visitor logs. The purpose of his visit—some suspect it’s a meeting with President Biden’s physician—only heightens the curiosity, leaving many with the gnawing question: Is everything truly okay with our commander-in-chief?

Moreover, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, who serves as the White House physician, has assured us in a recent statement that Biden’s interaction with Dr. Cannard was strictly professional, a part of the annual physical check-up. He also confirmed that the check-up did not reveal any signs of Parkinson’s—but then again, what reasons are left for us to believe this anymore?

All things considered, it’s clear that the current administration continues to foster a culture of secrecy and evasion, leaving us in the dark. From unauthorized attempts to access medical records to frequent visits by specialist physicians, all signs have driven the public into a swirling vortex of speculations and concerns regarding Biden’s health and capacity to lead.

We can’t help but wonder how much is being glossed over, left unsaid, and kept under wraps. As citizens, we have a right to know what our leaders are dealing with, particularly in matters of health that could potentially directly impact their ability to perform the duties they’ve been elected for.

And so, the story continues, with new chapters unraveling each day. One can’t help but wait for the day when complete and absolute transparency is the norm, rather than the exception.


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