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WATCH: America First Candidate Brandon Gill Unveils Powerful Campaign Ad Highlighting Trump Endorsement

Brandon Gill Releases Ad Campaign Highlighting Major Endorsements

On Friday, America First contender Brandon Gill unveiled his latest television ad in the hotly contested Republican primary for Texas’ 26th congressional district. The 30-second spot highlights the endorsement of the Texan by the 45th President, Donald Trump, alongside backing from prominent conservative figures such as Sen.

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Ted Cruz (R-TX), Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), the House Freedom Caucus, and numerous others. Bolstered by this support, Gill’s campaign has amassed a formidable war chest of at least $1.5 million, fueled by fervent backing from the conservative grassroots across the nation.

“President Trump endorsed Brandon Gill for Congress because Brandon Gill embodies the conservative principles we hold dear. President Trump hailed Brandon Gill as a genuine patriot and the undisputed champion of America First values, particularly in securing our nation’s borders,” the ad declares. It then segues into a clip of Trump rallying voters to support Gill, urging Texans to cast their ballots in his favor. “Texas, let’s rally behind Brandon Gill for Congress. He will never falter in representing your interests.”

“Stand shoulder to shoulder with President Trump in safeguarding our border. Vote Brandon Gill for Congress,” the ad concludes.

Gill’s surge in the Texas congressional race gained traction following Trump’s endorsement, delivered after the young family man announced his bid to succeed retiring Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX). Alongside Trump’s backing, Gill garnered support from notable conservatives like Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX), Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), and the Dallas Young Republicans.

In a statement on Truth Social, Trump expressed his enthusiastic endorsement of Gill, stating, “It is my great honor to ENDORSE Brandon Gill for U.S. Congress in Texas-26. He is the clear ‘America First’ candidate and is as loyal and tough as they come. He’s a Cowboy, Businessman, Husband, and Father, but also, a True Patriot. Brandon is Strong on SECURING OUR BORDER, STOPPING CRIME, FIGHTING INFLATION, & PROTECTING OUR SECOND AMENDMENT. He also comes with the love and respect of his father-in-law, a true warrior, Dinesh D’Souza. Brandon will not let you down. Onward to VICTORY!”

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Responding to Trump’s endorsement, Gill expressed his gratitude, affirming, “I am humbled and honored to share that I’ve been officially endorsed by President Donald J. Trump in my run for US Congress in TX-26. To the people of TX-26 and President Trump: I will not let you down.”

Congressman Nehls, endorsing Gill on the day of his candidacy announcement, emphasized Gill’s trustworthiness and commitment to conservative principles. “Brandon Gill is a friend & a man I trust to be a bold, fearless fighter & champion of conservative values,” Nehls remarked. “I trust Brandon will fight to secure the border. I trust Brandon will put America First & help continue the MAGA movement in North Texas. I proudly endorse Brandon & urge all voters in the district to support him.”

Senator Cruz echoed Nehls’ sentiments, underscoring Gill’s resilience and dedication to conservative causes. “Brandon Gill has all the best characteristics of a Texan: Dedicated, hardworking, and resilient… I am proud to endorse him for TX-26 and look forward to seeing him win his race.”

With significant fundraising success and a groundswell of conservative support, Gill’s candidacy represents a beacon of hope for Texans seeking a steadfast advocate in Congress. As the primary race intensifies, Gill’s unwavering commitment to conservative principles and his pledge to confront Washington’s entrenched interests resonate strongly with voters across North Texas.

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