Border Agent says 1.2 Million Migrants ‘got away’ under Biden

1.2 Million Illegal immigrants fled into America under Biden

US Border agents confirmed that 1.2 Million migrants were able to get away from authorities. this happened while crossing the border under Biden’s Administration. US Customs and Border Protections sources have told Fox News.

In the first half of Biden’s 4-year term, monthly encounters rose from 101,000 to 251,000 according to CBP stats.

Bill Melugin tweets out:

Terror watchlist arrests at the southern border are surging under President Biden. FY’23: 38 (so far) FY’22: 98 FY’21: 15 FY’20: 3 FY’19: 0 FY’18: 6 FY’17: 2 Per CBP sources, there have been approximately 1.2 million *known* gotaways since Biden took office.


Chuck Callesto tweets out:

BREAKING REPORT: 1.25 Million migrants have EVADED CAPTURE under The Biden Administration.. READ THAT TWICE…


Bill Melugin tweets out:

NEW: Last night, we were with Congressman

Jim Jordan & the GOP-led House Judiciary Committee as they prepare to have their first field hearing on the border crisis in Yuma, AZ today. No Democrats on the committee showed up. They are boycotting & calling it a political stunt.…
Jim Jordan Tweeted out
Yesterday we heard from farmers, hospital workers, sheriffs, food bank volunteers, border patrol agents, and local officials. Every single one told us they’ve never seen a border crisis this bad. And no one thinks it’s going to get better with Joe Biden in charge.
Ron Desantis Tweeted Out
Florida will not turn a blind eye to the dangers of Biden’s Border Crisis. We are proposing additional steps to protect Floridians from these reckless federal policies, including mandatory E-Verify and prohibiting local government from issuing ID cards to illegal aliens.
Rep. Elise Stefanik Tweeted:
Joe Biden has brought his deadly humanitarian crisis to the Northern Border. We must secure our borders. Lives are on the line.
Kevin McCarthy Tweeted:
Yesterday was the first time a sitting Speaker of the House has ever visited our Southern border in Arizona. We cannot afford to ignore the crisis any longer. We MUST secure the border.
Florida’s Voice Tweeted:
BREAKING: Gov. Ron DeSantis announces new plan to combat “Biden’s border crisis” – Require ALL employers use E-Verify – Increase penalties for human smuggling – Crack down on nonprofits creating IDs for illegal migrants – Invalidate all out-of-state licenses for illegal migrants
Jim Jordan Tweeted:
Every local official. Every border patrol agent. Every business owner. Rancher. Sheriff. They all tell us they’ve never seen a border crisis this bad. And Joe Biden continues to do nothing.