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Bomb Threat Issued to Judge Presiding Over Trump Civil Fraud Case

Bomb Threat Disturbs Quiet of Engoron’s Residence Amid Trump Case


At dawn on Thursday, law enforcement hurriedly convened at a Long Island residence following a report of a bomb threat. This residence was none other than that of Judge Arthur Engoron, the man currently helming the civil fraud case being scrutinized against former national leader Donald Trump. The threat was lodged only hours in the lead-up to the court reconvening, with closing arguments for the case slated to follow shortly.

Al Baker, acting in his capacity as spokesperson for the court administration, provided confirmation of the threat, stating, ‘Justice Engoron was indeed targeted with a bomb threat.’ The Nassau County police officers, together with a bomb squad, acted swiftly and were the first to respond to the situation.

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Baker continued, remarking on the security measures that have been taken since early on in the trial. ‘Since the initial stages of these proceedings, multiple layers of security protocols have been in place.’ In light of the recent threat, even more stringent measures have been implemented to ensure Judge Engoron’s safety. ‘The planned proceedings will proceed as scheduled, despite this unexpected incident.’

The legal atmosphere took on heated tones this past Wednesday. Engoron and Attorneys for Trump had a sharp exchange of electronic correspondence. The bone of contention? A request from Trump that he be granted permission to deliver part of the closing arguments himself. The crux of Engoron’s disagreement pivoted on concerns about Trump keeping his comments squarely on the case’s factual material, and refraining from delving into personal attack territory.

Engoron made his stance unmistakably clear, asserting, ‘Take it or leave it. Now or never.’ His conditions urged Trump’s attorney, Kise, to agree within a seven-minute time frame. No response was forthcoming, thus leading Engoron to conclude that Trump will not be bearing testimony.

In reaction, Trump took to his Truth Social platform earlier in the week, airing his grievances against Engoron. These missives were uploaded following the conclusion of the trial and whilst awaiting a verdict determining his potential financial liability for alleged state fraud.

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The journey up to this point has seen Engoron finding Trump culpable for increased valuation of both business and personal assets. This was deemed as a bid to secure more favorable insurance rates and loan conditions from banks. The question that lies ahead for Engoron is whether New York Attorney General Letitia James’ request for massive punitive damages holds weight.

James’ request, if granted, would impose on Trump a financial fine soaring as high as $370 million, an appreciable increase from the pretrial figure of $250 million. Beyond the hefty fine, the request also seeks to impose a permanent ban on Trump doing business in the state.

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The defendants in this case include not just Trump, but also his sons Donald Jr. and Eric. All vehemently counter the allegations, flatly negating any suggestion of wrongdoing.

Trump, standing as the probable front runner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, persistently views this case as a stratagem of political bias. His belief, as he has made known, is that James, along with her Democratic allies, are the architects of this perceived plot.

According to Trump’s narrative, this legal battle amounts to nothing more than an orchestrated witch hunt, borne out of political animosity. He asserts that the purpose of these legal challenges is to put a dent in his chances of assuming a leadership role in the future.

Yet this is not the only legal predicament surrounding Trump. There are in fact four more criminal cases lined up, making the landscape increasingly fraught with legal challenges.


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