On Thursday, Black Lives Matter and the Des Moines Black Liberation Movement Collective staged a “Kill the Racist Bills” protest which led to a clash with police officers inside the Iowa State Capitol after they arrested a woman who’s charged with assaulting a police officer.

The woman who was arrested and charged is named Josie Mulvihill, the officer who filed the complaint is Patrol Trooper Dylan Hernandez.

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The Blaze reported, “According to a criminal complaint the Register said it reviewed, Iowa State Patrol Trooper Dylan Hernandez stated that Josie Mulvihill asked him and Trooper Dalton Grell for their names and badge numbers. The paper added that Hernandez also stated in the complaint that while he and Grell were about to leave for another assignment, Mulvihill ‘pushed my arm in an attempt to gain my attention.'”

After successfully detaining Mulvihill, she was escorted out of the Capitol by four police officers and put into a police car.

Rioters claimed Mulvihill is innocent and did nothing she is being accused of.

The Iowa Department of Administrative Services’ calendar showed the radicals had a permit inside of the building from 11AM to 6PM, it was supposed to be a peaceful protest.

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According to the calendar’s description, BLM said, “We are gathering together to protest against the dangerous bills that are breezing through the State Legislature: SF497/SF534, SF479, SF476, HF802. We will begin set up at 11 am. The event starts at 11:30 am. We will have three speakers lined up, starting their speeches at Noon. We will be tearing down and cleaning up by 5:30 pm. If possible, we need E 14th Street, Walnut Street, Finkbine Dr. closed off, as we will be marching from Stewart Square park to the West side of the Capitol building at the beginning of the protest. In addition to the West Mall, we would like to reserve the West Capitol Terrace Stage, Center Plaza, People’s Plaza, Finkbine Drive.”

The new laws being presented were about being harsher on protestors who broke the law and strengthening qualified immunity for police officers.

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