Black Lives Matter Takes The Side of The Communist Regime That is Shooting and Kidnapping Protesters – Says it’s America’s Fault Cuba is in Chaos

In a statement that should come as no surprise whatsoever – given their shared iconography and policies – Black Lives Matter’s official social media handle has now publicly praised the authoritarian communist government of Cuba.

The joke of an organization, which has garnered a reputation for being anti-law enforcement, is heaping compliments upon and proclaiming solidarity with state police that are using live ammunition on and conducting door-to-door raids on one of the most oppressed and controlled populations in the modern world.

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Having outright disregarded the fact that Cuban protesters, both in America and in Cuba itself, have been flying American flags and calling for freedom from communism (something that even many Americans find distasteful), the professionally jaded leadership of the BLM organization instead blames in the United States for Cuba’s woes in a feat of mental gymnastics only “trained Marxists” are coached to perform. They place the unrest not with iron-fisted authoritarians, but with the trade embargo – seeming to insist that America is somehow beholden to conduct trade with Cuba. BLM claims that the embargo was “…instituted with the explicit intention of destabilizing the country and undermining Cubans’ right to choose their own government.”

Yes, I’m sure the Cubans just love being abducted and blown apart by “their” government.

The bootlicking was stark, and the backlash online was swift. BLM has already faced a wave of push-back this week after a George Floyd mural in Toledo, Ohio was vaporized by a lightning strike – serving as a sign to many that the Marxist organization was really not headed anywhere good. To anyone who thinks that Cuba is in the state, it’s in because of the US, you need only speak to a Cuban.


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