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Florida Man Shot After Attempting to Put ‘Possessed’ Child into A Fire

Fatal Shooting in Response to Demonic Possession Claims and Attempted Immolation in Florida

On a fateful Tuesday, an incident unfolded in Florida that saw a man accused of attempting to immolate a child, who he suspected was under the influence of demonic spirits, meet a tragic end when he was shot by a law enforcement officer, as stated by the concerned authorities.

Around 4 p.m., the local fire department received a distress call, pointing them to a fiery heap of refuse on the side of Bay Blossom Drive, adjacent to U.S. Route 98 in the town of Sebring. The staff of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office were the ones to relay the information.

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As the scenario seemed unusual, additional support in the form of Sheriff’s deputies was solicited. Arriving on the scene, the responders were met with an unpredictable encounter. Richard Myron Ham, a 39-year-old man, brandishing a pair of metallic rods, stood defiantly before the officers.

Ham showed complete disregard towards the directives issued by the deputies and remained defiant. This left the deputies with no alternative but to deploy a Taser on him. However, according to reports from the Sheriff’s Office, the Taser seemed to make no significant impact on Ham.

In a dramatic turn of events, another deputy resorted to using his firearm, which eventually incapacitated Ham. It was then he was immediately transported to the nearest medical facility. However, Ham’s injuries ultimately lead to his demise.

Fortunately, a deputy who was hit on the head with a metal rod during the chaotic encounter was quickly given medical attention at another nearby hospital. Following treatment, the officer was discharged and was listed in stable condition.

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In the aftermath of the disorderly scene, a deeper enquiry was initiated by the deputies. During the investigation, they discovered that Ham, along with Lakenya Phillips, aged 30, were the architects of the bizarre act of burning the belongings of Phillips’ 9-year-old son.

A harrowing revelation came to light during the investigation – both Ham and Phillips were under the skewed belief that the young boy was under the control of a malevolent spirit. This misguided perception was forwarded as the reason for their unthinkable actions.

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Eyewitness accounts reported to the Sheriff’s deputies a grim sequence of events, indicating that they saw Ham placing the young child amidst the burning items, subsequently covering him with a blazing blanket. It was a narrow escape for the child who managed to avoid any serious harm.

Further investigation also established that both Phillips and her son had previously been registered as missing individuals, presenting potential risks to their safety, in Wichita, Kansas. The report was filed on December 6th, according to the available records.

The reason for their abrupt shift from Kansas to Highlands County remains shrouded in mystery, along with the time of their relocation. The lack of clarity around the circumstances added an extra layer of complexity to the incident.

As the deputies proceeded with the examination of the crime scene, a thorough search of Ham and Phillips’ vehicle was carried out. Within the vehicle, deputies uncovered an assortment of firearms, coupled with an undisclosed amount of illicit substances.

The official details concerning the kind and quantity of the drugs weren’t shared by the officers. However, the discovery of such items in the vehicle provided an additional compounding factor to the ongoing investigation.

The entire situation, right from its abrupt onset to the bizarre underlying motives, ended up baffling both, the law enforcement agencies as well as the local residents caught in the midst of the incident. The case continues to be under official scrutiny.

This incident served as a stark reminder of the unforeseen dangers and erratic actions that law enforcement often find themselves confronting. Such incidents, with their peculiar and often distressing narratives, illuminally the sacrifices officers are frequently faced with in the line of duty.

As the deputies diligently follow through with the investigation, the incident serves as a chilling reminder of the unusual occurrences they routinely encounter. The outcome of the investigated details and potential charges against the surviving participant in this strange series of events remains yet to unfold.


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