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Bill Maher SLAMS Media’s 2024 Coverage: ‘Donald Trump Is Not Adolf Hitler’

Maher Points Out Media’s Exaggerated Politics of Fear

Bill Maher

Television personality Bill Maher, renowned host on HBO and, put forth a spirited critique of the mainstream media’s reporting on the potential 2024 presidential race during his most recent episode of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’. Certainly striking a chord, Maher admonished a ‘painting with too broad a brush’ approach to reporting, reiterating that ‘Donald Trump is not equivalent to Adolf Hitler.’

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Maher chided the media, saying that the practice of constantly ‘cranking the dial of rhetoric all the way up’ must discontinue. He then proceeded to showcase an illustration of his point, using a clip of Fox News’s Sean Hannity claiming, ‘There’s not a single aspect that hasn’t deteriorated under Joe Biden.’ Maher artfully countered this statement with a satirical quip indicating a certain mundane exaggeration in Hannity’s remarks.

Maher’s sarcastic response, ‘As if a slight increase in the price of Mars bars is equivalent to announcing the death of the American dream’, served to repudiate the outlandish comment. With a humor-laced snarkiness designed to subtly undercut the hyperbolic impact, Maher drove home the point that not everything has gone from bad to worse under President Biden’s reign.

Continuing his satirical stretch, Maher playfully suggested, ‘According to this logic, under Biden, even the flowers have lost their scent, internet speeds have slumped, and breakfast at IHOP has become stickier. Even our waning romance could be attributed to Biden, as if even the potency of the illegally circulating fentanyl has dipped.’

Premised on remarking the repetition of doomsday language, Maher observed, ‘It’s wearisome to persistently listen to the same old criticisms regurgitated—criticisms that we know would be leveled regardless of the reality on the ground.’ In this vein, Maher sought to demonstrate an innate bias in the often-repeated fractious assessments of President Biden’s performance.

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Yet, Maher was not without a sense of balance. He admitted Biden might not be his first choice of ally in a potentially perilous situation, cleverly using an analogy with the popular Netflix series ‘Squid Game’. Underlining a subtle acknowledgement of Biden’s perceived weaknesses, he quipped, ‘Would I pick Joe Biden as my partner in a Squid Games life-or-death scenario? No.’

Still, Maher wasn’t all criticism for the Biden administration. The ‘Real Time’ host complimented Biden on certain positive macro-economic indicators, such as low unemployment rates and a record-breaking stock market, even in the face of roaring inflation that continues to batter the U.S. economy.

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Subsequently, Maher shifted his focus to the governor of the Sunshine State, Ron DeSantis, posing a curious question as to why the left-leaning media constantly reacts with utmost intensity at any mention of the Florida governor. Maher playfully instructed the media to not always dial their criticism ‘up to the maximum level’ when it comes to Governor DeSantis.

Maher pointed out that there was a time when liberal reports were brimming with articles claiming DeSantis was not just at par with Trump when it came to critique, but potentially even worse. In Maher’s view, there were suggestions being made that DeSantis was graver danger—a statement he then humorously compared to referring to the openly controversial Trump as Hitler.

Maher then neatly brought the point home, jesting, ‘Just to clear things up, Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler.’ Adding an extra ounce of his well-known sardonic humor, he continued, ‘He’s merely a staunch admirer.’

In questioning the necessity of unwarranted escalation in rhetoric, Maher reiterated his point, ‘Does every disagreement need to skyrocket to the highest levels of confrontation?’ Demonstrating a sort of exhausted frustration with the polarized discussion climate, Maher hinted at the need for more nuanced, varied, and level-headed evaluations of political figures.

Driving home his point yet again, Maher said, ‘Surely it’s possible to voice your disagreement with DeSantis, without necessarily likening him to Trump?’ His critique here emphasized a plea for differentiation, for understanding that different conservative figures may embrace different facets of conservative values, and not necessarily follow identical ideological paths.

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