Biden’s XENOPHOBIC Travel Ban!

(Merica! Now Update: It appears that we are being censored by Google Play in the Search Results. To download use this link , Please send to your Friends! Thank you!)

The President made it clear in 2020 that he felt as though Trump was Xenophobic for closing our borders to China at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. This move saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Joe had this to say about the restrictions:

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Now that Biden is expanding travel restrictions to other countries the public is growing curious… Why is it that Joe is not xenophobic, but Trump is for the same actions?

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy decided to ask Jen Psaki why this was… only she seemed to have no legitimate response. The Press Secretary seemed baffled.

“Well I don’t think thats quite a fair articulation” she then pivoted and talked about the misrepresented “Muslim Ban” and how Joe Biden overturned it because he felt it to be Xenophobic.

Quite a conundrum the president seems to have gotten himself into. By his own logic he in fact would be a Xenophobic fear-monger.


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