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Biden’s Shaky Approval Ratings Paint Worrying Picture for 2024

Growing Discontent for Biden-Harris Duo as 2024 Approaches


A recent poll indicates a stagnant approval rating for President Joe Biden. There is also a growing disenchantment regarding Vice President Kamala Harris with the 2024 elections on the horizon. According to fresh data, a little more than half of the voter population isn’t too pleased with President Biden’s execution of his responsibilities, as highlighted in a survey conducted by Emerson College.

The recently revealed poll displayed a 2% increase from the previous month in voter disapproval of Biden’s presidential performance, standing at 51%. However, his approval rating remains unchanged from April at a steadying 41%, suggesting a faction of steadfast support despite the growing dissatisfaction.

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An interesting observation from the poll is Biden’s undeniable popularity among Democratic primary voters. Here, the president enjoys a striking 73% of the vote – a score that dwarfs those of his potential Democratic rivals in the forthcoming primary elections.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., one potential challenger, barely registers with Democratic voters, securing a mere 15% approval. Marianne Williamson, another possible contender, can count on only 3% of the votes from the Democratic primaries, according to this data.

Parallels can be drawn with the results of a previous survey conducted by Monmouth University. This poll found a similar pattern – 41% of Americans expressed approval of Biden’s performance, whilst 51% disapproved.

However, the disapproval rating for Vice President Kamala Harris is even more striking than that of President Biden. In the Monmouth University survey, only 36% of those polled approved of her job performance, while a notable 53% disapproved.

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Despite this, both Biden and Harris still received generally favorable ratings within their party. As the potential re-election campaign looms, only 9% of Democrats express disapproval for Biden, with a vast majority of 86% approving of his performance as president.

Similarly, Harris also retains strong support within the party. She garners a 76% approval rating, with just 16% of Democrats expressing disapproval. These figures underscore the overwhelming support that both leaders continue to receive from Democrat party members.

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While the current administration navigates turbulent approval ratings, former President Donald Trump seems to be thriving in the political landscape despite ongoing legal challenges in New York and Georgia. Recent polls indicate that Trump’s political status may not only be untarnished by these events but also reinforced, particularly in light of a potential rematch against Biden in 2024.

The latest Harvard-Harris poll exhibits a significant swell in backing for Trump, hinting at a promising path to victory in case he secures the Republican ticket. The poll showcases Trump’s enduring influence and his considerable edge over potential Democratic rivals.

The poll has also brought to light Trump’s surging popularity, amassing 47% approval, outshining Biden’s comparatively lackluster 40%, thereby gifting Trump a considerable 7-point lead. The survey also pitted Trump against other illustrious Democrats in hypothetical matchups.

For example, in a hypothetical contest between Trump and Kamala Harris, Trump leads convincingly with 50% support, with Harris lagging behind at 39%. Concurrently, the poll presented a less than optimistic view of the country’s direction, with under 33% believing that the U.S. is on the right path.

Moreover, the poll has highlighted significant economic concerns amongst the populace. An overwhelming 66% feel pessimistic about the country’s economic direction, hinting at a disapproval of the current administration’s economic management, with half of the respondents feeling their financial situation has deteriorated under Biden’s tenure.

Even more startlingly, only 21% of the respondents expressed confidence in averting a potential recession. This backdrop of economic uncertainty seems to boost the number of Americans open to backing Trump’s return to the Oval Office, owing to his perceived prowess in job creation and economic fortification.

In the past few months, Biden’s approval ratings have been treading water at just above 40%. On the other hand, approval ratings for both the Republican and Democratic parties are tied at 47%, with Congressional approval ratings witnessing a modest rise to 36%. However, the overarching sentiment from the polls points to a populace that is disillusioned with the current political climate. This sentiment is reinforced by the results of the ABC/Washington Post survey, which also found Trump ahead of Biden by seven points.


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