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Biden’s Open Border Policy Results in Over 1.5M Illegal Migrants Entering the US

US Must Prioritize Legal Immigration and Tighten Entry Policies


It has become apparent that with the inauguration of Joe Biden as President, over 1.5 million illegal migrants have undergone entry into the United States in large numbers, a figure that exceeds three times the number recorded during the latter part of Trump’s presidency. The exact data from the Department of Homeland Security shows that since last October, an enormous number of about 530,000 illegal immigrants have entered the country without detection, hence referred to as “gotaways.” At this point, we know this number will be going up since the 2022 record of 600,000 gotaways will soon be surpassed by the current year’s total. Not to mention the 389,000 people that Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted to having made their way into the country undetected in 2021. These are way higher numbers compared to the estimated total of 415,000 illegal gotaways DHS recorded while Trump was the President between 2018, 2019, and 2020. The DHS tracks the numbers during the fiscal year from October and we are just four months away from seeing a new record for the 2023 numbers.

Immigrants from Central and South America are continuously making their way to the US border because they believe Joe Biden is much more lenient on immigration and asylum than his predecessor. Last week, there was an enormous rush on ports of entry that had been in restrictions due to the pandemic’s Title 42. With the restrictions lifted, the Customs and Border Protection apprehended more than 10,000 people a day from Monday through Wednesday, which is the highest single day total it has ever recorded. The week ended with Mexican officials warning of the over 26,000 people in border towns waiting to cross into the US. Although Biden has stated he is planning to establish rules that will be tougher and will increase human resources away from the border, sources from Texas law enforcement have suggested that the migrants will turn to smugglers and illegal entry to access the US. Border Patrol has warned that there could be further influxes at the border.

This crisis has triggered Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, to send troops from the National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety to secure the border. He also launched a “gotaway” task force, intending to bring the numbers down. This elite operation of state troopers will be equipped with K9s and drone operators that will detect, track down, and apprehend people who made it beyond the Border Patrol agents. Showcasing support, Abbott confirmed that he’d reached an agreement on Monday with the state of Idaho, where members of the State Police would help fill the potential gaps created by Biden’s open border policies.

Since Joe Biden came into office, there has been a significant increase in the total numbers of asylum seekers. According to the Department of Justice, the highest total reached of 547,000 asylum applications filed in 2019 has been surpassed with a new record of 700,000 new asylum applications in 2020. If the figures given continue in this manner, we are on track to break that record in 2021. The immigration court system is backlogged and is awaiting processing. Migrants processed in Brownsville, Texas, last week showed The Post their court dates which were, in some cases, 10 or 12 years away. It’s important to mention that only about 40% of asylum cases applied for are approved.

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As the number of illegal immigrant apprehensions rises significantly, American citizens are seriously worried about their safety and security. The lack of control of the borders has compounded matters, and it is time for real solutions to be found to deal with the crisis. It is not a matter of political affiliation that we worry about the surge in numbers. It isn’t just about the number of people entering the US. It is also about the danger that comes with such an influx of people that are difficult to manage, unknown in most cases and the rife possibility of some being violent criminals crossing under the radar. The government must find a viable and sustainable solution to ensure the protection of every American citizen.

Considering the obvious problems with the immigration issues at the southern border, it is likely that the Democrats will incur heavy losses in 2022 elections. The Democrats have been unwilling to deal with the crisis that the border issues have become. This has already caused considerable tension between the Democratic party hierarchy and the public. The government owes its citizens the necessary duty of securing their borders and preventing illegal immigrants from entering freely. If the government fails in doing so, then it might lead to difficult times ahead for the Democratic party in the US.

It is essential that we do not encourage illegal immigration, or the people who enter the country without documentation and pose risks to civilians. We must acknowledge and encourage legal immigration applications for those who wish to join the United States. It is our moral obligation as Americans to make sure everyone who enters the country comes under legal protocols – a practice over the years that has proven to be of immense socio-economic benefit to the country. The US must always be at liberty to choose who enters the country and whom they allow to become citizens. Opening borders indiscriminately is essential neither for our security nor economic gain.

It is crucial to lay out clear and concise policies to curb illegal immigration. To face this problem head-on, it is essential to understand that the implications of an individual country’s policies might lead to possible implications in neighboring countries, especially when it comes to developmental issues, law, and order and national security. Hence, comprehensive and coordinated actions should prevent illegal migration to the US by making the legal channels to enter the country more accessible and faster.

Even though immigrants helped build the US, illegal immigration poses significant threats to the economy and national security. Research has shown that about five percent of the US’s workforce comes from illegal immigrants. It is imperative that jobs must be safe only for legal employees. When illegal workers compete unfairly for jobs with lower pay, it drives down wages for people who are legally allowed to work. Furthermore, it opens up the possibility of increased criminal activities, including drug trafficking, human trafficking, and prostitution.

There is no justification for breaking the law by entering any given country without documentation. It is also immoral to encourage such wrongful entry. The mere act of entering the United States without documentation, be it overstaying a permit or crossing without legal authority, makes them an illegal immigrant that could pose a risk to national security.

The US is admired around the world for its vitality, prosperity, and culture. Maintaining its safety and security is essential to keeping its culture and economic success intact. The US government must now act decisively to tighten entry policies and secure the southern border. The government should prioritize legal visa applications and affording them access to immigrant visas in a more convenient and faster manner.

The course of events at the US southern border shows that it is a precarious time to be an American. As disturbing images of illegal immigrants and gangsters flood our television screens, American civilians become increasingly anxious. The US government must take measures to deter illegal emigrations and keep its citizens safe. The US government must also keep in mind the principles that the United States was created on and not allow entry to anyone who might pose a national security risk.

Unfortunately, it appears that the US government’s attempts to control high rates of immigration have been ineffective. The government must take steps to halt illegal immigration before it becomes a full-blown crisis. With illegal entry into the country climbing each day and threatening national security, law, and order, it’s time we must enter into a period of serious discussions on the adequacy of the nation’s border security.

Illegal immigration poses a significant problem that affects everyone in the US. We must come together and push the government to enforce stricter laws governing entry into the US and strengthen the country’s borders. The Southern border must be fortified, and we must insist that anyone that enters the US does so only through legal channels. It is time to tackle the crisis of illegal immigration and protect the people of the United States from harm.

Illegal immigration into the US has no justification whatsoever. It puts American citizens’ lives and national security at risk and creates problems that could destabilize the country. Given its detrimental effects, the US government must take steps to ensure that the southern border, through which illegal immigration is rampant, is secured. We should only allow legal immigrants based on merit, and the Biden administration should make a sensible, coordinated, and comprehensive plan that will tackle international migration to the US. The time to act is now; we can’t wait any longer—The safety of American citizens is an urgent matter that requires critical attention from the government.


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