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Biden’s Only New Years Resolution: Return to Same Vacation Spot Next Year

Biden’s New Year Resolution Opens a Can of Worms for 2024


As per The New York Times’ account, President Biden recently shared his aspiration for the upcoming 2024, manifesting his intent to ‘return the following year.’

This assertion comes as we stand on the precipice of what is poised to be a tightly-contested election season. The reveal occurred during a dinner with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden at a restaurant located on St. Croix, in the Virgin Islands, an event slated to set the stage for the unfolding year.

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Notwithstanding their holiday retreat on the Virgin Islands, the President and the First Lady engaged in an activity-packed schedule on St. Croix. They attended a Mass on Saturday, following which President Biden shared his resolution, not to a close circle, but to the broader world.

Further, they participated in a taping of an interview with Ryan Seacrest slated to be aired during the ABC broadcast of ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest,’ as reported by the Times.

‘To return next year,’ as President Biden described his primary aspiration when probed about his New Year’s resolution while on his vacation. Undoubtedly, it suggests a subtle clinging to the helm of leadership for another term. However, the President nonchalantly addressed the media queries for any additional resolutions saying, ‘That’s the biggest one right now.’

The topic surrounding the President’s resolution was also a talking point in a recent episode of ‘State of the Union.’ The guest speakers were former Biden communications director Kate Bedingfield and CNN political analyst Scott Jennings. They expressed their perspectives on whether voters are fully attentive to the political happenings or simply tuned-out for the moment.

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Bedingfield conjectured that although voters may not be acutely focused on the political scenario at this precise moment, the upcoming months would bring a paradigm shift. She opined that the campaign led by Biden had numerous instances to tactfully manoeuvre and outline a path that could possibly turn out to be favourable.

In response to the President’s comments, Jennings humorously remarked, ‘I don’t bet on politicians, only horses. I’m from Kentucky.’ He alluded that the President’s current political forecast wasn’t promising, akin to a horse’s chance of success in the barn, implying that betting on Biden’s political future could be a risky endeavour at this juncture.

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Data from various recent polls indicate a tilting scale, suggesting Biden trailing behind Donald Trump in key battleground states and theoretical general election face-offs. This further underscores the political uncertainty brewing ahead of the upcoming year.

A poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal towards the culmination of November and initial days of December reveals Trump leading Biden. The survey suggests a hypothetical general election with Trump securing 47% votes and Biden trailing with 43%, given merely the pair as potential candidates.

To bolster this, another simulation featuring an array of five independent candidates also saw Trump edging ahead at 37%, leaving Biden behind at 31%. These projections, thus, shed light on the formidable challenge awaiting the Biden camp as they step into the tumultuous electoral arena.

Republicans, on the down side, have not missed an opportunity to censure the President over his holiday escapades in the Caribbean, especially in light of the pressing quandary at the country’s southern border. Consistent criticism of the President’s moves paints a picture of an ‘extended vacation from reality,’ especially considering the present challenges.

Congressman Gary Palmer, who leads the House GOP Policy Committee, did not mince words when addressing the President’s perceived disregard for the emergent situation at the border. He highlighted the influx of purportedly 760,000 illegal immigrants encountered at the border since October, branding the Biden tenure as a ‘vacation from reality.’

Raising questions about whether the President’s attention and efforts are directed appropriately, the opposition underscores the low points of his administration amid the prevailing crises. Each critique seeks to cast a shadow on Biden’s prospects of a successful next year return.

In this dynamic and complex political panorama, Biden’s New Year resolution opens up intricate avenues for speculation, discussion, and analysis. As the bell for 2024 rings, the fate of Biden’s resolution, albeit personal, is most certainly imbricated with the nation’s sentiment and will be profoundly influenced by the unfolding events of the year ahead.


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