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Document Revealing Biden’s $5 Million Bribe Released to Public

The Biden-Burisma Connection: Investigation Reveals Potential $5 Million Deal


On a recent Thursday, the House Oversight Committee, led by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), put forward a contentious FBI document, identified as FD-1023, suggesting that former Vice President Joe Biden might have been involved in a $5 million bribery affair.

The document pointed towards some potentially worrisome actions by Biden during his primetime as the vice president, seemingly taking $5 million from the Ukraine in anticipation of affecting policy changes.

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Adding to this complex and delicate situation, Biden’s son, Hunter, was simultaneously occupied by Burisma Holdings, an influential Ukrainian company, around the time this supposed financial exchange occurred.

Delving deeper into the contents of this controversial document, these allegations against Biden start to take on a rather plausible form.

According to the document, Vadirm Pojarskii, the financial head of Burisma, disclosed to an FBI informant that Hunter Biden earned a spot on the company’s board of directors to shield them from potential issues through his connection to his father.

When the FBI component queried Pojarskii about Hunter’s non-involvement in an impending merger with a US-based firm, Pojarskii responded by casting doubts on Hunter’s intellectual acumen, implying a desire for more expert advice.

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The document proceeds to detail a 2016 rendezvous in Austria, where the FBI associate met with Mykola Zlochevsky, the CEO of Burisma, to converse about the intended American merger.

The meeting steered towards some remarks made recently by then-Vice President Joe Biden expressing a desire to oust the Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who had his attention on Burisma.

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Reacting to this alarming news, Zlochevsky offered comforting words, reassuring the informant that Hunter Biden would handle the matter through his influential father.

The subsequent conversation switched to Hunter’s advice to the Burisma executives on favoring a merger with an existing US firm rather than establishing a new US-based company, the rationale being that an ongoing investigation into Burisma would have deterred investment.

As the meeting progressed, the men mulled over various legal strategies that could potentially be used to navigate their way through the criminal investigation shadowing the firm.

During this mutually strategizing chat, Zlochevsky revealed a startling detail for the first time – that the cost of engaging with the Bidens was around $5 million for each.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Zlochevsky disclosed that the Bidens – both Hunter and Joe – had a hand in maneuvering Hunter onto the Burisma board, a claim Zlochevsky seemed confident of as he responded affirmatively when pressed on how Hunter landed his role.

Subsequent sections of the document delve into a significant call made in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election that saw Donald Trump emerging as the president. During this call, Zlochevsky shared his distaste for the election outcome with the FBI associate.

The conversation slid towards discussing whether Zlochevsky had any worries regarding his company’s ties to the Bidens. The CEO made it clear that the Bidens were not supposed to be on his company’s payroll, yet pressure was applied to accommodate them financially.

Touching on the dismissal of Prosecutor General Shokin, who Biden suggested should be relieved for neglecting corruption, Zlochevsky expressed confidence that his financial transactions with the Bidens would remain hidden.

Further into the conversation, Zlochevsky underscored his claims by claiming to possess a string of text messages supporting his sentiment of being coerced into financially liaising with the Bidens.

The document then switches gears to a 2019 phone call where the informant and Zlochevsky picked up the topic of the investigation into the Biden family and Burisma Holdings. The casualness of Zlochevsky during this call was noteworthy as he expressed nonchalance about the investigation.

He believed it would take a decade for investigators to unearth, what he referred to as, the illicit payments to Joe Biden. The Burisma CEO provided deeper insights, disputing any direct payments to the ‘Big Guy,’ a term assumed to represent Joe Biden.

Instead, Zlochevsky suggested the payments were routed through various shell companies, thereby effectively masking their true destination and the actual transaction’s purpose.

Overall, the document infuses more complexities into the political landscape by indicating some possibly troubling links, financial and otherwise, involving the Bidens and a major Ukrainian company. As these revelations unveil, an urgent call rises for transparency and straight answers about these dealings.


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