Biden’s Deputy of State Department: “Cops Are The Largest Threat To National Security”

in 2016 Jalina Porter claimed that the greatest threat to national security was in fact cops. She made sure to add, that in terms of terrorism the United States police force far outweigh both ISIS and Russian hackers.

The Washington Free Beacon included this screenshot in an article on the same topic.

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The fact of the matter is that there is no “genocide against blacks in America. Jalina claims that if action is not taken blacks would be pushed to ‘near extinction”

This is fundamentally untrue. The Black population in America is, and has been steadily on the rise. Below is a graph of the black population by the Government Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

The Police are in no way carrying out a “Genocide of Blacks” in fact, Americans are 4.9x more likely to be struck by lightning than they are to be shot and killed by an officer while unarmed regardless of their race.

It’s an incredibly rare occurrence. Nearly all people shot and killed by the police are shot because they are brandishing a weapon.

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