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Biden Looks to Pop Power: Courting Swift’s Endorsement for 2024

Biden’s Ace in 2024? The Potential Power of Swift’s Backing

Taylor Swift

Speculation is building around President Biden‘s potential 2024 campaign strategies, with rumors suggesting strong interest in securing pop singer Taylor Swift’s endorsement. The New York Times, in a recent article, positioned Swift as a highly sought-after figure for the upcoming political campaign due to her vast influence. However, a poll reveals that the singer’s political sway might not be as impactful as initially thought. The President appears to be looking to defy the odds in the face of trailing poll numbers and historically low approval ratings, and a celebrity endorsement could be a part of that strategy.

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Biden’s campaign team appears to be engineering a unique approach, reaching out not only to influential celebrities but also social media personalities and past Democratic leaders to boost campaign support. As his national popularity wanes, dipping about 4.3 percent behind former President Trump according to RealClearPolling, tapping into the social power of these influencers could be part of a strategy to regain momentum.

The team has initiated conversations with influential online figures, discussing potential ways to showcase Biden-centric content on widely-popular platforms like Instagram and TikTok. These discussions were reportedly in the works late last year, during the President’s fundraising tour of Southern California.

Dedicated engagement with influencers was prioritized during that tour, with special efforts made to encourage them to post content in favor of Biden. There are also whispers about upcoming fundraisers featuring two former Democratic presidents, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, although this information comes from anonymous sources and remains unconfirmed.

More than any other endorsement, Taylor Swift‘s support is reportedly the big catch for Biden’s team. At 34 years old, Swift has a vast and passionate fanbase that could potentially be motivated by her political leanings. Moreover, Swift’s past endorsement of Biden in 2020 and her impressive display of influence – one of her Instagram posts leading to 35,000 new voter registrations – have shown the tangible potential of her support.

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It’s suggested that the campaign could look to capitalize on Swift’s popularity in a big way. There is mention of a potential appearance by Biden himself at one of her concerts later this year, an event that would surely gain considerable attention. Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ doesn’t reach the United States until October, just in time for the critical weeks leading up to the election.

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However, the efficacy of Swift’s endorsement remains debatable. Recent polls indicate that her support could create a ‘break-even’ effect, with her endorsement having the potential to both attract and repel prospective voters, and thus, may essentially level out any advantage.

A recent Redfield & Wilton poll conducted for Newsweek illustrated this uncertainty. It was found that approximately 18 percent of the 1,500 voters sampled indicated a Swift endorsement would likely affect their voting decision positively. Yet, about the same amount conveyed that Swift’s backing would make them less likely to support a candidate.

Interestingly, Swift’s fanbase demographics as shown in a Morning Consult poll does not necessarily align with the overall voter demographics. While 55% of adamant Swift fans identify as Democrats, the rest seem equally divided between Republicans and independents, suggesting the popstar’s political sway may not be as pronounced as anticipated.

In a contrast to earlier polls, a Morning Consult survey conducted a year before hinted that Swift had a slightly better fanbase reception. This survey disclosed that about 53 percent of the respondents confessed affection for the singer.

Characteristically, according to the same Morning Consult poll, ‘Swifties’ or Swift fans are predominantly female and white, mostly earning less than $50,000, and identifying as suburban millennials. The poll surveyed 2,204 U.S. adults during the period of March 3-5, 2023.

Amidst these campaign speculations, the Biden administration also expressed concern over explicit AI images of Swift that were circulated on social media the previous week. The event caused a noticeable stir and evidently unsettled the administration.

In sum, the success of Biden’s 2024 campaign strategies, particularly related to celebrity endorsements, remains to be solidly gauged. It appears that tying political fortunes to Taylor Swift’s star power may not be the silver bullet some might think, with her fandom, and consequently her political influence, a mixed bag.

Furthermore, recent events in the world of social media have demonstrated the variability and unpredictability of online sentiment. Perhaps the most crucial takeaway from all this speculation is that, in the dynamic landscape of modern politics, reliable foundations for campaign strategy might still be the old-fashioned ones: leadership, policy, and communication.

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