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Biden’s Approval Rating is the Lowest of Any President in the Past 15 Years

Biden’s Sinking Approval: An Encouraging Crucible for House Republicans


The current head of state in America, President Joe Biden, shows the least popularity with the American public in nearly a decade and a half, according to survey data from ABC News and Ipsos. Standing at a mediocre approval rate of 33%, Biden’s job performance approval has sunk to levels comparable with those associated with President George W. Bush during the period of 2006-2008. His disapproval rating, meanwhile, stands at a scathing 58%, compelling even staunch supporters to question his capabilities.

Such a trend towards general public disapproval could, ostensibly, fuel the ongoing investigative endeavors being pursued by the House Republicans. These concern allegations against Biden of using his public office for personal gains, an action leading many to murmur about impeachment. These negative approval figures seemingly serve to bolster these investigations.

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The ABC/Ipsos poll widened its lens to include comparisons with the electoral landscape. Former President Donald Trump is regarded as the favorite amongst potential Republican candidates for the 2024 Presidential race, amassing an impressive 68% endorsement from respondents believing him to be the one with the highest likelihood of succeeding in the general elections.

When comparing the levels of support for Trump and Biden within the ranks of their respective parties, the former President gains an upper hand. Trump outpaces Biden, with a backing of 72% within conservative circles compared to Biden’s 57% among Democrat voters. This tilt, the polling data discovered, aligns closely with numbers recorded last May where 75% of registered Republicans expressed contentment with Trump as the party’s standard-bearer.

The statesman in the White House seems to be losing his sheen among the various racial demographics as well. His job approval rating has recorded a dip of 21 percentage points below average among Black communities and 15 points below average among Hispanics. Significantly lesser distress is apparent among Caucasian Americans, with a drop of only 6 points below the average.

Parsing the data further, an interesting trend characterizes the president’s popularity within the Black community. Older Black citizens seem to display stronger support for Biden, with a notable 65% approval rating from those aged 50 or older. This contrasts starkly with the only 32% approval rating expressed by those under 50.

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The shrinking support base among younger Black residents, who traditionally were solidly within the Democratic fold, indicates an altered landscape: this demographic can no longer be automatically assumed to back the party’s contenders. This shift serves as a bellwether for potential upendings in future elections.

Turning to the topic of the candidates’ competency, when queried about the vital mental sharpness required to helm the country, Biden, at 81 years old, trails his 77-year-old rival, Trump, by a significant margin. Only 28% of respondents believed Biden possessed the necessary acuity to serve as president, compared to 47% believing the same about Trump.

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This gap widens to a chasm when voters are asked about the candidates’ physical health; here, 57% are confident about Trump’s health, while only 28% expressed the same confidence in Biden. Clearly, public faith in the President’s capability, both physically and mentally, has taken a hit.

The theme of competency reiterates itself when the focus shifts to the economy, which is consistently a major determinant of voters’ choices. Biden’s handling of the economic parameters leaves much to be desired. Notably, 71% express dissatisfaction with the economic scenario under the current administration.

This sentiment is not limited to the opposing political camp. A striking 74% of self-identified independents describe the economy as poorly managed, while even among Democrats, nearly half (49%) have mirrored this dissatisfaction. Clearly, concerns about the economy cut across partisan affiliations.

Surprisingly, only a meager 24% of respondents participating in the ABC/Ipsos survey felt that the economy was doing well. The discrepancy between public sentiment and administration claims about the economy seems to be expanding.

The said poll, initiated by ABC News and Ipsos, took place between January 4th and 8th. The study encapsulated a diverse sample of 2,228 American adults sampled randomly across the nation. This wide cross-section reflects a demeaning outlook on the presidency.

The extensive disapproval of the current administration, coupled with the surging popularity of Trump, hints towards the prospects of the 2024 elections. The shifting dynamics within the Democrat vote-bank, along with Republicans rallying around Trump, appear to be reshaping the electoral landscape.


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