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Biden’s Approval Rating Drops to 39% as Voters Criticize Handling of Economy

Voters Overwhelmingly Disapprove of Biden’s Economic Policies, New Poll Reveals


President Joe Biden’s job approval rating has experienced a decline, landing at 39%.

A recent poll conducted by Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS) for CNN revealed that voters overwhelmingly disapprove of his handling of the economy.

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Biden, hoping to secure reelection in 2024, has been championing his economic policies, known as “Bidenomics.”

However, the poll results indicate that 58% of voters believe his policies have worsened economic conditions. This represents an eight percentage point increase compared to the previous poll.


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Biden’s current approval rating reflects a two percentage point drop from July and is his lowest rating in the past year.

Notably, white voters and men contribute significantly to the eight percentage point rise in dissatisfaction with Biden’s economic policies.

Among these groups, disapproval rates stand at 62% and 63% respectively. In contrast, female and minority voters disapprove of Biden’s economic policies by 54% and 51% respectively, as per the poll conducted by SSRS for CNN.

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The sub-group most critical of Biden’s handling of the economy consists of voters without a college education. An overwhelming 64% of them view Biden’s policies as detrimental to the economy.

Among this group, the disapproval rate is even higher among white voters, standing at 71%.

Additionally, a significant proportion of minority and female voters (24% and 21% respectively) feel that Biden’s economic policies have had no discernible impact.

Only 18% of voters believe that Biden’s policies have improved economic conditions. One of the key concerns for voters is inflation, with the Consumer Price Index currently indicating a rate of 3.2%.

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Roll Call reports a 15% overall inflation rate during Biden’s term as of this spring.

Meanwhile, Pew Research reveals that voters rank economic conditions, especially inflation, as their top priority.

The poll, conducted from August 25 to 31, surveyed 1,503 respondents with an error margin of +/- 3.5% and a 95% confidence level. Both the White House and Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign have not yet responded to requests for comment.


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