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Biden Urged for Prosecution of Trump by Pressuring AG Garland

Former President Trump May Face Unprecedented Charges Following Biden’s Push


Recent allegations indicate that President Joe Biden exerted pressure upon Attorney General Merrick Garland, advocating for legal action against former President Donald Trump. Originating from The New York Times, the report made public in early April 2022 denotes, ‘The Attorney General’s unhurried style of operation has at instances stirred unease with President Biden and Democratic partners allied to the presidential office.’

The same report also has insights from sources close to Biden, claiming he believes Trump’s actions pose significant risk to democratic values and should face prosecution.

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‘President Biden has shared his concerns with his closest confidants regarding the need for consequences for any threats posed to democracy,’ the journalists hinted in their article. ‘Furthermore, Biden wanted Garland to transition from his judicious approach to a more aggressive prosecutor stance, particularly given the happenings tied to January 6.’ However, both sides have not directly discussed Biden’s concerns publicly before.

Since these statements were released by the NYT, legal proceedings have gathered pace against the former President, with 91 charges lodged against him by four prosecutors.

This implies a possible sentencing of 717.5 years imprisonment for the former leader if convicted on all charges. Meanwhile, questions about the nature of Trump’s activities stirred conversations in the media, with the president asked if he viewed Trump’s actions as an insurrection.

In a response to a reporter’s inquiry about whether Trump should be billed as an insurrectionist, the President responded, ‘I believe that’s self-explanatory.’ Biden also added, ‘As for the Fourteenth Amendment’s relevance, we’ll leave it to the court to pronounce their verdict.’ He reiterated his belief that the former president gave his tacit approval to the insurrection even though Trump has never faced charges related to insurrection. ‘There’s absolutely no room for doubt. None. Zero.’

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Newt Gingrich, Fox News contributor and former Republican Speaker of the House, voiced serious concerns about the potential fallout of a Colorado Supreme Court decision preventing Donald Trump from appearing on ballots.

He warned, ‘This could have devastating repercussions.’ He further elaborated, ‘Nearly 1.4 million Coloradan voters cast their votes for Trump. Now, four legal professionals aim to prevent him from getting listed on the ballots. Essentially, it is one attorney striking out the voice of 340,000 Trump supporters. Such high-handedness from the establishment may have far-reaching consequences.’

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Gingrich drew comparisons to significant historical events, stating, ‘The last time we saw something like this was when ten states omitted Abraham Lincoln from their ballots in 1860.’ He expressed hope that the Supreme Court understands the gravity of the situation and stands up for the rights of the people. Citizens of America, he insisted, won’t stand for being denied the ability to choose their preferred presidential candidate.

Gingrich sternly reprimanded the Democrats, adding, ‘We are not a banana republic. It’s not Venezuela, it’s not Nicaragua, and certainly not Cuba. Yet, it seems Democrats are keen on moving towards creating conditions which may lead to unavoidable confrontation, risking the stability of the country.’ He expressed this concern on Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s show, shortly before she played a clip of Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick suggesting a similar response towards President Biden due his handling of the border situation.

In that particular clip, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick posited that Texas should consider not featuring President Biden on the 2024 ballot due to the large influx of individuals crossing the border during his tenure. Patrick added, ‘Considering today’s events in Colorado, it prompts me to suggest we should perhaps remove Joe Biden from the ballot in Texas due his immigration policy, which has allowed around eight million individuals to cross the border into our state, causing unprecedented disruption.’

The host referred to the implications of Biden’s open border policy stating something to the effect of a revolt against the rule of law and questioning if this could be a normal reaction if the precedent is being set. Ingraham’s statement brought on an affirmative response from the former Speaker. Gingrich strongly criticized Biden’s immigration policy and the subsequent challenges it brought on, labeling them as a ‘disaster’, as well as ‘deliberate’.

According to Gingrich, the ongoing border issues are not due to a failure to address the problem, but a purposeful action strategy to allow entry to as many people as possible. He further theorized about future agitations from the left, suggesting they may even push for voting rights for these illegal immigrants. He warned, ‘You can visualize the entire course of action.’

In the former Speaker’s view, the situation escalates the risk of a real confrontation threatening the essence of America. As the discussion around the legal proceedings surrounding the former president and the implications of a potential insurrection continues, Gingrich and others bring forth criticisms and dire predictions regarding the state of the nation. These insights shed light on some of the complex matters revolving around former President Trump and the implications on the future of the U.S. political sphere.

It thus appears that the course of dealing with controversial figures, may not just be significant in determining individual legacies but also play a role in shaping societal norms and notions of political accountability. This precedent could shape the very essence of the country, causing ripples in the nation’s pursuit for democracy, justice, and individual liberties.

The current situation stimulates contemplation on the nuances of political decision-making and governance, balanced with maintaining the fundamental principles of democracy. It thrusts into the limelight the need for thoughtful deliberation on actions which could potentially alter the course of civic discourse, and their long-term impact on the nation’s socio-political landscape.


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