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Biden to Withhold Schools Lunch Funding for Going Against Woke Agenda

School Meal Policies Tangle With Gender Norms Debate


The current administration, led by President Biden, has introduced a rule that could lead to educational institutions losing crucial lunch money funding if they resist certain progressive mandates. These new directives, falling primarily into the realm of sexual orientation and gender, have resulted in renewed uproar.

The Center Square reports that failure to adhere to these agenda points may lead to a loss of tax-granting federal funds that are managed under the Department of Agriculture’s operation.

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This dispute ignited when, in May 2022, the USDA expressed its intent to shift its longstanding interpretation of Title IX. Title IX is a comprehensive law that prescribes anti-discrimination measures in education. Recently, the department announced plans to amplify their prohibitions against sexual discrimination, including aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity.

School lunch funding operates under the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service. Therefore, this means that local and state agencies, programs operators, and sponsors benefiting from FNS funds have to probe discrimination allegations that revolve around sexual orientation and gender identity. Indeed, they must also renovate their non-discrimination policies and signs to explicitly include prohibitions against gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination.

This development is a fundamental departure from how Title IX had traditionally been comprehended. Sarah Perry, well-versed on this matter and an attorney with the distinguished Heritage Foundation, expressed her views on this issue to the media.

As the spectrum of gender identities and orientations continues to broaden, schools are, albeit amidst political conflict, now saddled with the responsibility of maneuvering this intricate and politically charged atmosphere of sexuality and gender identity. They now do so, given the proposed rule can withstand the legal objections that have already sprung up.

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This isn’t minor; it’s a profound reinterpretation that equates sex to sexual orientation and gender identity, diverging significantly from the spirit of Title IX. The law which traces back to the fervor of feminist activism in 1972, had a comprehensive campaign launched by LGBTQ activists to be included in anti-discrimination law, which suggests they did not see themselves as protected in these specific contexts at that time.

Besieged by fierce opposition, the Democrat-controlled Senate strove but ultimately failed to quash the rule, a vote concluding in 50-47 under the Congressional Review Act. While speculations ran high, it is likely that even if the Senate had succeeded, President Biden wouldn’t have endorsed the reversal.

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One should not be misled here; it is the Biden Administration that appears to be positioning itself as the one levying the impact on school meals for children in this policy squabble. Existing evidence suggests that the USDA’s policy is already leading to lesser lunch funding for children from low-income families.

Employing school food funding as a tool to advance a radical agenda and placing students in direct line of fire is highly questionable. Consequently, this action has aggravated many who believe that it ostentatiously transgresses ethical boundaries and is in no way tolerable.

Simultaneously, Biden’s popularity fares poorly, his polling numbers in constant decline. Early November saw the New York Times/Siena College polls stating Trump eclipsing Biden in four out of six critical swing states. Furthermore, more indications of Biden’s precarious electoral standing are emerging.

Declinining head-to-head skirmishes show that President Biden’s advantage over Trump is diminishing. A majority of the latest polls conducted by 13 different pollsters this month indicate a decrease in Biden’s popularity compared to their prior surveys. Additionally, Trump has been gathering momentum, with movement mainly seen in voters shifting loyalties from Biden to Trump.

Currently, Trump’s share in votes is larger than it has been at any other point in the previous year as per the national poll averages. This holds exceptionally well at a statewide level too. Trump’s strong polling position isn’t solely reflected in the New York Times and Siena surveys, but is corroborated by other polls conducted over the past week.

Recent surveys indicate Trump surpassing Biden by 8 points in Arizona and 5 points in Michigan. This growing momentum for Trump implies that voters are reversing their decisions, moving from Biden to Trump, even if they have not completely made up their minds.

What this means for the political landscape of the United States remains to be seen. Both sides present strong arguments, a testament to the importance of these issues to the common American citizen. The forthcoming election will undoubtedly be a decisive factor in shaping the future of these debates.

However, whatever the case may be, the focus must always remain on serving the best interests of the children. It is vital to ensure that they should not become the victims of a political tug of war. It is crucial to remember the importance of maintaining a balance between progressive values and the welfare of the younger generation.


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