Biden “There is nothing we can do” on Coronavirus trajectory.

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Despite claiming pre presidency that he had a plan to relieve us of COVID 19 and Trump did not, Joe Biden now makes it clear that he does not have an effective plan.

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Biden claims that there is “Nothing he can do to change the trajectory of the virus” Certainly an odd notion. Why is it that President Biden believed Trump, could? Is the trajectory of the virus out of the Presidential power? Of course it is. It’s not Trumps fault we are in a global pandemic.

Biden was very quick to criticize Trump for his pandemic response. I suppose actions speak louder than words and in terms of solid combative policy Trump is far louder.

From the signing of the Families first Coronavirus Response Act, to making sure no American who needed one went without a ventilator and closing our borders to China early on Trump certainly did what he needed to in order to protect us.

Biden Instituted a mask mandate and then immediately broke it the day after. That is your President. good luck America.

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