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Biden Takes Credit for Hostages Released, None of Them Were American

Biden Administration Secures Hostage Release for Israel


The administration led by President Joe Biden is seizing the moment and celebrating an initial success following the unsettling Oct. 7 assaults conducted by Hamas, the militant organization that held captive a number of individuals.

The eliciting news here, however, is that none of the American captives were among the liberated. Earlier on Friday, the President identified United States’ strenuous diplomatic efforts as the catalyst for the release of some hostages. Interestingly, this statement was made even though none of the freed individuals were American citizens, an observation reported by the Daily Mail.

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The President, responding to a journalist’s query at a Friday afternoon press briefing held at the White Elephant Hotel in Nantucket, where they are vacating for the Thanksgiving break, stated anticipations regarding the release of American captives. He stated, ‘This isn’t the end, but the beginning. We may not have a timeline for the release of American hostages, but we are positive that it will take place.’, indicating a hopefulness for the impending release.

While the exact list of hostages and the specifics of their liberation remain elusive, the President exhibited certainty about the number that are set for release. Continuing on this hopeful note, the President stated, ‘I am hopeful and anticipate the release to occur at the earliest.’, indicating optimism for the situation’s outcome.

News of subsequent releases was also expected to be available soon. ‘We will know the specifics of the second wave of releases in the forthcoming hour, and I am hopeful that the events will unfold as we predict.’, were the words of the President when touching upon the developments on Friday.

But the subsequent developments on Saturday, according to a report by Fox News, contained an unfortunate twist as well. Once again, the hostages freed did not include any American citizens. As stated by an official of the White House, the release of Americans was not anticipated for the day but there remains hope of it happening in the imminent future.

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According to Fox News, preparations are in progress for the release of a second group of Israeli captives. This is seen as an element of a planned four-day cessation of hostilities with Israel facilitating an exchange of 50 hostages and securing 150 Palestinian prisoners’ release. The release is being coordinated by Egyptian security, who have received the identities of 14 Israeli women and children from Hamas, and await further instructions for the handover process.

A continuous update to the grievous situation of the infiltrated Jewish state following the surprise attack by the terrorist organization was issued by the Biden administration a week after the occurrence of the disturbing events. This update included an acknowledgement statement blaming the attack on unsuccessful attempts by Israeli intelligence and the CIA to discern warnings of an imminent attack.

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Details surrounding the tragedy of lost American lives during the conflict that ensued between Israel and Hamas have been steadily updated by the administration. The press conference disclosed a somber rise in the count of American casualties that have come to light, now amounting to 27 individuals lost.

National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby, revealed the grim news in a video disseminated on social media. ‘We can confirm that the number of known American casualties has now risen to 27, with 14 individuals currently unaccounted for. We are dedicating all possible efforts to provide support and keep the families informed.’, he stated.

Kirby also extended sympathy to five additional families who recently received the worst news imaginable regarding their loved ones. He reassured that the administration would maintain communication with them, conducting an appropriate follow-up.

He extended the same assurances to the families of those unaccounted for. Kirby clarified that ‘unaccounted for’ in this context means that the whereabouts of these individuals are unknown, not just to us but also to the individual themselves.

In light of the horrifying assault by the Iran-backed Hamas, there is significant public indignation. However, the focus of the discourse is shifting towards an investigation into the failure of U.S. and Israeli intelligence in averting this attack.

The media outlet Axios provides further insight, reporting that Israeli intelligence picked up signs of unusual activity among Hamas operatives in Gaza the night before the attack. Despite this intel, the decision was made by top IDF and Shin Bet leaders not to raise the alert level on the borders of the enclave.

Three Israeli officials disclosed to Axios that the decision to not heighten security was an unfortunate mistake. They acknowledged that the magnitude of the Israeli intelligence failure was much greater and had strategic implications.

The facts arising indicate an oversight beyond simple intelligence failure. Moreover, it underscores the failure of senior most officials in the Israeli defense establishment and intelligence community to grasp the severity of how the situation would eventually unfold.

Given these findings, the question of how the intelligence apparatuses of both nations failed to anticipate this catastrophic situation has emerged as an important hue of the ongoing analysis. Further developing on Axios’s insights, it is increasingly clear that this was not just a case of missed signs, but an overall underestimation of the severity the situation would eventually escalate to.


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