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Biden: ‘History Will Not Look Kindly’ on House Republicans who voted to impeach DHS Chief Mayorkas

Biden Strongly Defends Secretary Mayorkas Against GOP-Driven Impeachment

President Joe Biden

On Tuesday, the leader of our nation, President Biden, voiced his disapproval towards the 214 House Republicans who chose to support the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The President, who believes such an action will leave a black mark in the annals of history, also expressed his profound respect for Mayorkas’ lifelong commitment to upholding the law.

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Rewinding a decorated career that stretches to the Justice Department, it is clear that Secretary Mayorkas has a distinguished path in public service. Notably, his fruitful stints as a U.S. Attorney, later as Deputy Secretary, and finally, as Homeland Security Secretary, indeed portray a man deeply committed to preserving the core principles that make America a great nation.

In a declaration released by the White House, President Biden quotes these facts to underline the ‘baselessness’ of the suggested impeachment against Mayorkas. The accusations were perceived by him as being groundless, lacking proper substance, and not reflective of the esteemed Homeland Security Secretary’s reputation for integrity and compliance with the law.

Interestingly, it was a very close vote in The House, which decided in favor of a motion towards impeachment, ending with 214-213. Nevertheless, the President made clear that he believed the energy of these GOP lawmakers who backed the impeachment could have been directed towards something more constructive – serving the American people.

President Biden suggested that these Republican lawmakers could focus their efforts on endorsing legislation that would provide his administration with the necessary tools and resources to tackle the situation at the southern border. In his perspective, these efforts would be more in line with their constitutional duty to uphold the rule of law and serve the people.

Unfortunately, the President stated, the same lawmakers fueling the impeachment motion seem to be ignoring bipartisan proposals for strengthening border security. This vaunted work involved Secretary Mayorkas and other administration personnel, perhaps for the well first time, willing to shed political colors to address a pressing issue head-on.

The President shared his thoughts about this matter, stating that the same Republicans currently pushing for this impeachment are ironically rejecting efforts to bolster border security, much of it steaming from their own past demands. This reversal, in short of significant border bills, dismays not only the President but possibly the American people as well.

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In the view of President Biden, real solutions are exactly what’s needed during these turbulent times, and using these necessary efforts as political leverage does not align with the expectations of the American people for their leadership. Yet, an alternate narrative comes from another prominent figure, House Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana.

House Speaker Johnson argues that the Republicans in the House are indeed fulfilling their part dutifully. Last May, they passed a bill focused on increasing border security, which unfortunately found no traction in the Senate which is currently Democrat-majority.

Further boosting his opposition, Johnson, along with other senior Republicans, rejected a bipartisan Senate bill that linked Ukrainian, Israeli, and Taiwanese aid with border security. They found the bill unfulfilling, lacking in its efforts to address the southern border issue, as it is regarded by these lawmakers.

Speaker Johnson claimed that Mayorkas has consistently shown disregard towards the enforcement of federal immigration laws and has misled Congress about the state of affairs at the US Southern Border. His assertion is based on what he perceives as a repeated pattern of oversight violations and dishonesty on the part of Secretary Mayorkas.

Johnson’s sharp criticisms further emphasize that Secretary Mayorkas has intentionally and repeatedly disproved compliance with federal immigration laws. Such behavior, he added, has contributed to the ‘worst border catastrophe in American history’, eroding public trust.

In Johnson’s view, Secretary Mayorkas has not only misled Congress with multiple inaccurate statements but also obstructed any legitimate oversight of Department of Homeland Security, violating his oath of office in the process. Johnson believes that all these actions correspond well to justify impeaching Mayorkas.

Concluding his statement, Johnson assertively stated that Mayorkas ‘deserves to be impeached’ and Congress holds ‘a constitutional obligation to do so.’ These are powerful words echoing deep concern over the state of the border and the perceived inaction from various levels of government.

Unsurprisingly, the stance of the DHS’s spokesperson Mia Ehrenberg is more in line with President Biden’s. Ehrenberg accuses House Republicans of exploiting the Constitution for political gain rather than focusing on the very real issues facing the security of our border.

Ehrenberg further asserts that while top Senators from both the Republican and Democratic parties were working together with Secretary Mayorkas on bipartisan solutions for strengthening border security, House Republicans wasted time with what she calls an ‘unconstitutional’ impeachment, affirming the continued commitment of the Department of Homeland Security to protect Americans every day.

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