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Biden Snaps at Fox Correspondant When Asked ‘Lousy’ Question About Hunter Biden

Does This Imply The Guilt from the Biden Family we Are All Expecting?


In a recent press conference, President Joe Biden showed visible irritation when Fox News’ White House correspondent Peter Doocy pressed him about his son, Hunter Biden’s business activities.

Biden reiterated his stance, maintaining that he never discussed Hunter’s business engagements. This comes even as the opposition continues to allege Biden’s involvement in foreign transactions, as noted by the UK’s Daily Mail.

When Doocy referenced a recent testimony by Devon Archer, Hunter’s former business associate, claiming that Joe Biden was frequently on speakerphone in business discussions, Biden curtly responded, “I never talked business… I knew you’d ask something like this.”


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Doocy immediately countered, “Why is that a questionable query?” To which Biden retorted, “Because it’s baseless,” before exiting the scene.

This incident followed the GOP’s release of bank statements, highlighting payments from Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan to the Biden family and their acquaintances.

Archer’s testimony to the House Oversight Committee detailed how Hunter often showcased his father’s presence, either on speakerphone or in-person, during his meetings to leverage the ‘Biden brand’ in dealings with foreign executives.

While discussing the same with former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, Archer mentioned, “Even just hearing the vice president’s voice during such discussions was impactful. This wasn’t about scheduled conference calls; it’s about wielding influence in D.C.”

Away from the White House’s political arena, Peter Doocy had been noticeably absent from his usual assignments. His reappearance on “Fox & Friends” clarified the reason – a delightful personal development. Doocy had been on paternity leave, embracing his new role as a father.

He shared heartwarming tidbits about his daughter, Bridget Blake Doocy, revealing her birth on February 9 in a social media post.

His wife, Fox News congressional correspondent Hillary Vaughn, returned to work after maternity leave, making Doocy a hands-on father. Whether it’s 7 a.m. feedings or introducing Bridget to solid foods like sweet potatoes, he’s fully engaged.

One touching gesture from a colleague, a pink onesie with “Future President” printed on it, left Doocy jesting about potential Fox News coverage in 2060.

The joy of Bridget’s impending arrival was first announced in a “Fox & Friends” episode in September, where Doocy’s father, Steve, also showcased recipes from his cookbook.


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