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 Biden Roasted on Social Media After ‘Dream Team’ Post 

The Wide Gap between Biden’s ‘Dream’ and Real-World Sentiment


Amid a burst of collective disapproval on social media this Saturday, the President of the United States faced unmasked criticism following his post boasting about the country’s ‘dream team.’ Those voicing their objections utilized platform X to robustly challenge both his assertions and the accompanying image, featuring President Biden himself, First Lady Jill Biden, Vice President Harris, and the second gentleman, Doug Emhoff, situated within the White House’s hallowed halls.

The contentious composition showcases the quartet artfully arrayed before an entrance of the White House, with festively adorned Christmas trees on each side. The underlying message, according to Biden’s own words, was to mark the third anniversary of his and VP Harris’s inauguration day with a reflection on the synergy of the team he deems a ‘dream’.

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However, the supposed ‘dream team’ identification seems to be somewhat detached from public sentiment. This becomes particularly evident when considering Biden’s approval score that plummeted to its nadir in January. An alarmingly scant third of U.S. citizens relayed their endorsement of his performance as the country’s head as per an ABC News/Ipsos poll.

Such a low-approval score isn’t just a record low for this presidency, but it also notably denotes the lowest approval ratings witnessed for any president in the past 15 years. This goes back to the era of a similarly struggling presidency led by George Bush between 2006 and 2008.

Another concerning element to this metric is that Biden’s approval rating falls short of the favorable sentiment accorded to former President Trump, as the countdown to the 2024 presidential race commences. Views expressed in response to Biden’s controversial post resonates with this overall descent into disapproval.

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Paul Szypula, a well-known conservative commentator, took the opportunity to lambast the president publicly. His poignant stance emphasizes that rather than being exemplary, the Biden administration is akin to ‘a nightmare.’ He asserts that the administration’s dismal delivery has resulted in a precarious US border situation and further destabilization of the economy.

The commentator didn’t hold back, calling out the President for advertising his prior three years in office when, according to Szypula, the honorable course of action would have been an apology followed by a resignation. His observations prelude to an acknowledgement of the prevailing sentiment – that Biden’s approval is spiraling downward to the lowest depths in the country’s collective consciousness.

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Buzz Patterson, an author and esteemed columnist for RedState, added his own voice to the swelling chorus of disapproval. Exposing the stark reality of the disconnect between the proclaimed ‘dream’ and American citizens, Patterson questioned whether this dream bore any relevance to the realities faced by ordinary families like his own.

Screen celebrity and known conservative figure, Dean Cain, employed a humor-tinged strategy to voice his disapproval, using a well-timed GIF asking, ‘Are you ready for some BS?’. His mere hinting sarcasm held its own amidst the torrent of responses filled with direct disapproval.

Karen Townsend, an associate editor with HotAir, directly called out the referred post by succinctly responding with ‘Nightmare.’ Her single-word rebuttal encapsulating the prevalent sentiment of dissatisfaction quite effectively.

Gerald Celente, a prominent journalist, seized this opportunity to highlight the plight of the Palestinians under the present administration, referencing the ‘nightmare team’. His criticism points towards international relations as another realm of concern among dissenting voices.

Finally, Jeff Carlson, a respected market analyst and political commentator, also joined the choir of critics. Labeling the team as a ‘team of puppets,’ he deplored the cataclysmic after-effects of what he termed a ‘fraudulent, fake presidency.’

According to Carlson, this includes a gamut of issues – from an open-border policy and unregulated illegal immigration to the degradation of major city landscapes. The implications of rampant inflation, alleged corruption, engaging in wars, and fostering national debts also fall within his line of critique.

Beyond these issues, Carlson pointed out the political division seething within the country and the ‘weaponization’ of the Department of Justice. His criticisms rounded off with a damning indictment of the administration’s perceived strategy of targetting political opposition.

All these perspectives paint a vivid picture of dissent that challenges the narrative of an ideal ‘dream team.’ The ensuing narrative indicates a gaping chasm between the administration’s self-perception and the reality of public sentiment, a disconnection that might require urgent attention as a new election season looms in the horizon.

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