Biden Pushes to Take Away Firearms from Law-Abiding Citizens


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Joe Biden, who claims to be the President, is once again pushing for the ban of assault rifles. He and his government want to take firearms away from law-abiding citizens and put them in the hands of criminals.

During his speeches, he makes nonsensical statements suggesting that regular citizens shouldn’t own real guns as they won’t be able to fight against a tyrannical government that can unleash F-16’s on them. Eric Swalwell, the Chi-Com tramp-defiler, wanted to go a step ahead and nuke us, showing how demented the dictator is.

There seems to be an undercurrent of eagerness to get rid of patriots. It is uncertain whether the current woke military’s senior leadership would take the opportunity to eliminate the troublesome citizens.

After all, it has been three decades since they won a war, so it’s understandable that they crave victory. However, it’s unclear why they think they will succeed, given their poor performance against a few hundred thousand fanatical hill tribesmen half a globe away.

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Biden and Air Biscuit do not typically associate themselves with patriotic Americans. The military has only a few million folks, and it’s mostly tooth rather than tail. The Vietnamese and Afghans had nowhere near the kind of advantages American patriots have, such as a garbage president unleashing a woke military on his political opponents.

The United States military never faced any significant internal threat. But it will be different when they’ll have to go to places where the majority of the combat troops are from and where they’d be killing people like themselves.

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Putin’s Wagner problem is an example of what happens when people realize their numbers are on their side. All resistance will not be kinetic. There was a time when an obnoxious battalion commander’s deployment got so difficult that the unit’s operational readiness rate for choppers dropped significantly. The OR rate only rose after the general relieved the commander.

Biden is threatening to unleash fighters/bombers on the disobedient. The Air Force has around 1660 fighters and bombers, the Navy has 530, and the Marines have 300, which sums up to around 2500. But how many of those planes are overseas or on ships?

Around 25%, which leaves us with 2000 planes. If we take into account guys deserting, casual sabotage, and people blowing up fuelers and transporters, then the OR rate will drop below 50%. That means there would be only 1000 planes for 50 states, which sums up to only 20 planes per state against millions of rebels.

Tactical issues and severe consequences accompany the threats that Biden makes. He insists that an AR-15 is no use against an F-16, which is incorrect. AR-15 is quite effective against the most vulnerable parts of the F-16, such as the pilots, and if he orders his troops to start bombing the dissidents, he’s ordering them to bomb the dissidents’ families. If he declares open season, do not expect the people to be picky about who they target.

Biden and Swalwell’s comments are not only stupid, but they’re also evil. Their sick fantasy of winning by making war against traditional Americans is unacceptable.

They have self-assurance that they can unleash war without being attacked themselves. Instead of threatening fellow Americans with death from above, abiding by the constitution would be a better way to handle the situation. Otherwise, they’ll unleash a nightmare that they won’t be able to imagine.


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