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Obama and Clinton Join Forces with Biden Amidst Alarming Approval Ratings

Biden, Obama, and Clinton Unite in a Bid to Strengthen Fundraising for Biden Campaign

Next month, New York will be the backdrop to an upcoming event meant to offer support to the campaign of the nation’s current commander, President Joe Biden. Joining him will be two keystones of Democratic leadership, former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. While the exact place for this event remains undisclosed, the date is locked in for March 28, as indicated by press reports.

Offering their backing and sharing this news publicly, Obama and Clinton alluded to their upcoming rendezvous for fundraising on their respective social network channels. The collection of former Democratic leaders is not complete, however. President Jimmy Carter, though alive, is unable to join. At 99 years old, he currently resides in a hospice in his home state of Georgia.

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Recalling times that the trio of Biden, Obama, and Clinton have been seen together in public highlights some of the nation’s somber moments. One such instance occurred quite recently, when they gathered not for political purposes, but for the funeral of Carter’s wife, Rosalynn, who passed away in November.

On the fundraising front, Biden has been flexing his muscles. His efforts were particularly noticeable in December, which was followed by an announcement of hitting a high note in January. This was recorded as their best month since the campaign kick-started in April 2023, soaring past the commendable donations received in November and December of last year.

Visible strides in fundraising came just before Biden made a trip to the city that never sleeps. His agenda in New York included attendance at three distinct, smaller fundraisers, a clear sign of the intensification of his fundraising strategy.

However, the current state of affairs as it relates to his re-election campaign is worrisome, if one NBC survey is to be believed. Consequentially, this public sentiment has set an all-time low for the Biden presidency, with a mere 37% approval rating, as per the poll

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Adding to the concern is Biden’s falling standings against his 2020 opponent, former President Donald Trump. In an hypothetical match, the poll places Trump ahead by five points on a national scale. This gap widens considerably when it comes to questions of presidential fitness and economic oversight.

Where Trump really stands out, according to the poll, is with his approach to national issues such as crime and violence, economic management, and most notably, issues concerning the southern border. The issue of illegal immigration, in particular, is touted as a key issue for GOP primary voters, and appears to be a significant point of concern even among Democrats.

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Concerning these results, Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates, a Democratic pollster firm, points out the stark contrast between Biden’s standing now, versus his standing four years ago. He highlighted the erosion of the belief that Biden can effectively handle the rigors of the presidency, which was a major selling point of his candidacy.

Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies called the current poll results ‘difficult’ for President Biden as he approaches the peak of the 2024 primary season. He added, ‘It’s hard to imagine a tougher set of numbers for an incumbent facing reelection.’

Yet, optimism can be found in recognizing that the election is still some time away, and attitudes could, in theory, shift. As Horwitt commented, “While the numbers are currently unfavorable, Biden could take comfort that the year is still early and there is indeed the opportunity to reverse the current tide.

Biden’s supporters may also find a glimmer of optimism in a hypothetical scenario involving former President Trump. In a context where Trump is convicted for one of his pending legal cases, Biden achieves a narrow lead of 2 points over Trump – albeit within the poll’s margin of error, indicating a competitive race.

Despite these challenges, an interesting metamorphosis has been observed in Trump’s stance on different issues over time. The former President has seen a significant increase in support across a range of issues, notably border control, economy, crime and violence, and competence for the presidency.

Lastly, the latest poll is seemingly delivering a hard truth to the Democratic camp: The young voters, traditionally a strong Democratic demographic, are showing decreasing support for President Biden. This trend underscores the sense of urgency already felt by his re-election campaign.

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