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WATCH: Biden Bizarrely Nibbles on Frightened Young Girl

Biden’s Baffling Gesture Unsettles Child in Helsinki, Concern Grows


An event involving President Joe Biden sparked animated discussions across social media platforms this Thursday. Footage circulating online shows Biden interacting rather peculiarly with a young child during his visit to Helsinki, Finland.

Closer observation reveals that the president appears to playfully peck at the child’s shoulder, generating mixed responses from spectators. The child appears slightly startled and begins to draw back, creating a concern among observers.

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In the video where this event unfolds, Biden is seen bending down to address the youngster, held safely in her mother’s embrace. Vexingly, the presidential interaction involves what could be interpreted as repeatedly nipping at the child’s shoulder.

This action seems to unnerve the little girl to an extent where she visibly seems to pull away. The mother seems to chuckle at the bizarre interaction, which has left many audiences confused.

Adding to the unfolding drama, the same incident showcases the woman attempting to secure a selfie with President Biden. However, to her and perhaps the viewers’ surprise, Biden appears to repeat his earlier actions, approaching the child with what seems to be a playful bite.

Once again, the child’s instinctual reaction is to turn her head away. This peculiar encounter between the president and the young girl took place at the Helsinki-Vantaan International Airport.

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In the broader context of American politics, attention has shifted towards the upcoming 2024 Presidential primaries. Speculations concerning President Biden’s deteriorating health are becoming a recurrent theme as his party ponders their choice of candidate.

Indeed, the whispers appear to hint towards an unprecedented political turn, suggesting that Biden might not be the flagbearer in what is being referred to as a replay of his face-off against former President Donald Trump.

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Developments on Thursday reveal that elite Democrats and influential donors are engaging in conversations seeking a possible successor to President Biden.

The narrative further indicates that potential candidates are being cued of Biden’s anticipated retreat from the re-election campaign. Despite the President’s confident assertions otherwise, his physical and cognitive struggles are prompting these speculation-fuelled actions.

Recent polls suggest a troubling performance for Biden when compared to top GOP potentials, such as Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Sources suggest that democratic strategists are preparing alternatives, inspired by Biden’s less-than-encouraging numbers. A very interesting fact to underscore is that Biden, at 80 years, has hinted at not seeking re-election.

However, there are diverging voices. Some assertively state that most Democratic donors are holding back their support, and the ground-level mobilization efforts seem far from impressive. How much weight these allegations carry is yet to be seen.

However, should they prove true, a lack of early campaign groundwork could create a dent in Biden’s prospects.

The unsettling possibility of a tight race potentially decided by a handful of states propels skeptics to voice their concerns.

They argue that each day that passes without an engaged campaign plan further exacerbates worry about Biden’s age and political tenacity. Could a passive approach to campaigning imply complacency on the part of the President and his advisors?

Such indifference could draw parallels with the election of 2016 when Donald Trump’s victory raised many questions.

Observers are intrigued to see whether we relive that unique night in 2023. They speculate that without a robust campaign strategy, Biden might risk losing the presidency to Trump or any other promising GOP candidate.

A source close to Biden’s 2020 campaign weighed in on the issue, wishing to remain anonymous. ‘Assuming Trump manages a victory in November, everyone will question how it came to be,’ said the source.

They further questioned, ‘How was the Biden campaign conducting itself during 2023’s summer?’ This inquiry further points towards potential flaws in the incumbent’s campaign management.

Another longtime Democratic fundraiser suggested that increasing the attention towards the campaign was as big of a hurdle as drumming up enthusiasm for it. This statement highlights the tough road ahead for the reigning administration. Are these administrative challenges causing the delay in campaign actions?

Relevant CNN updates seem to shine light on another aspect. While Biden’s team publicly expresses confidence in the stark contrast between the President and Trump’s lead, internally they harbour significant concerns about losing.

Campaign strategies and decisions seem to be tightly closed circles, concentrated heavily in the West Wing.

This closely-held planning has been taken to such an extent that it appears President Biden himself has demanded to personally meet with prospective senior role appointees.

This level of involvement may look thorough but is seen by some as a significant factor slowing decision-making. How this micromanagement fares for the overall campaign’s effectiveness continues to be a topic of speculation.

Biden’s team insists they are embracing a focused and strategic approach, acutely aware of their candidate’s vulnerability.

They believe in capitalizing on the strengths of his political record and the unique sociopolitical circumstances America finds itself in as we near 2024. The strategy’s success, however, seems to be yet under wraps.


An experienced Democratic campaign veteran made a critical point while addressing the current situation.

‘The value of incumbency lies in planning and crafting a campaign while your challenger is wrapped up in the primary,’ they expressed. However, they voiced concerns over being delayed in taking action, echoing the collective sentiment – knowing the issue is one thing, when would actions be seen is another thing.


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