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WATCH: Biden’s Latest Gaffe Claims We Have Finally Cured Cancer

Biden Faces Criticism for Asserting Cancer Has Been Ended


President Joseph R. Biden made a remarkable statement during his recent remarks about mental illness, raising eyebrows among observers.

While discussing his administration’s efforts to find a cure for cancer through the ‘cancer moonshot’ program, Biden confidently claimed, ‘We have ended cancer as we know it.’ This assertion has faced criticism and mockery, with some questioning the president’s cognitive abilities at his age.

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Critics suggest that Biden’s statement was either an extravagant overstatement or an indication of his deteriorating mental capacities. Even Glenn Greenwald, the co-founder of The Intercept, sarcastically commented on the lack of gratitude toward Biden for ‘having cured cancer.’

In response to Biden’s claim, independent journalist Greg Price shared a video clip on Twitter featuring the president saying, ‘We ended cancer as we know it.’ Price skeptically remarked, ‘The dementia is so bad that now he thinks he cured cancer.’

This prompted the Media Research Center to fact-check the president’s statement and conclude that he has not actually cured cancer.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) also expressed surprise, stating, ‘Biden just told everyone that he cured cancer. I feel like that would have at least gotten a press release.’ The sentiments of frustration extend beyond party lines, with the Citizen Free Press noting that ‘Democrats want another 5 years of this.’

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Congressman Jim Banks (R-IN) underscored the significance of the situation, emphasizing that the president’s gaffes should not overshadow the mounting evidence suggesting potential foreign bribes involving Joe Biden.

Banks suggested that infirmity should not be used as a defense against impeachment. While critics seized the opportunity to mock the president’s gaffe, the White House swiftly entered damage control mode to rectify the blunder.

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In the official White House transcript, Biden’s statement was modified to read, ‘And we can. We can end cancer as we know it,’ removing the claim that cancer had already been ended. The White House continually tries to handle the damage Biden continually does on his image of his own mental health.

This incident has shed light on the concerns about the administration propping up an aging and cognitively impaired president to further the Democratic Party’s agenda.

The need for damage control in altering the official record raises questions about transparency and the portrayal of Biden’s statements. It is important for Americans to critically evaluate the leadership they desire, and the upcoming 2024 election could be pivotal in determining the course of the nation.


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