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President Biden Under Fire for Refusing to Acknowledge Seventh Grandchild

White House Aides Advised to Deny Existence of Biden’s Seventh Grandchild


President Biden is facing criticism from conservative circles over allegations that his aides have been instructed to publicly state that he has only six grandchildren, intentionally excluding Hunter Biden’s 4-year-old estranged daughter.

The president’s son, Hunter Biden, recently resolved his child support case in Arkansas, bringing an end to a long-drawn-out legal dispute over his daughter, whom the first couple refuses to acknowledge as their seventh grandchild.

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The New York Times, in a deeply probing investigation released last Saturday, delved into the family discord, examining the interplay of money, divisive politics, and the significance of the Biden name. Informants familiar with strategy meetings divulged that White House aides have been advised to refer to the president and first lady Jill Biden having six, not seven, grandchildren.

During a ‘take your child to work day’ event at the White House in April, President Biden mentioned by name six of his beloved grandchildren, emphasizing his closeness to them. ‘I have six grandchildren, and I’m crazy about them. And I speak to them every single day. Not a joke,’ he proudly declared.

Additionally, the president has consistently displayed six Christmas stockings at the White House, reserving the annual tradition for his acknowledged grandchildren while leaving out the seventh grandchild.

Nonetheless, as President Biden prepares for a potential reelection bid in 2024 and speculation surrounding Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings intensifies, he has decided to publicly embrace his son and grandson by inviting them to Camp David for the past two weekends.

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Last month, the Justice Department announced that Hunter Biden, the president’s son, reached a plea agreement addressing two tax violations and a felony gun charge which is expected to spare him from imprisonment.

As rumors and allegations circulate, conservatives on Twitter expressed their disapproval of The New York Times’ report, condemning the Bidens for their treatment of the granddaughter. Many users labeled the situation as ‘gross’ and ‘sad’. Fox News Digital made efforts to obtain a comment from the White House, but there was no immediate response.

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The controversy revolves around the deliberate exclusion of Hunter Biden’s 4-year-old daughter from public acknowledgment as President Biden’s seventh grandchild.

The child support case was finally resolved last week, with Hunter agreeing to provide some of his own artworks to his daughter, and the child’s mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts, withdrawing her claim to change their child’s last name to ‘Biden.’

However, the president and first lady maintain their refusal to acknowledge her officially. The New York Times’ investigation revealed that this family rift is rooted in financial matters, deeply divisive politics, and the intricate dynamics of carrying the esteemed Biden name.

Sources within the administration disclosed that White House aides have been directed to refer to the Bidens’ grandchildren as six in number, keeping the estranged granddaughter excluded from official records.

President Biden himself cemented this narrative during his remarks at the White House, where he elaborated on his close bond with six specifically named grandchildren. Furthermore, the annual tradition of hanging Christmas stockings at the White House has consistently featured only those belonging to the acknowledged grandchildren, omitting the seventh grandchild who remains unrecognized.

However, in a strategic move likely driven by the upcoming presidential election in 2024 and mounting speculations surrounding Hunter Biden’s overseas business transactions, President Biden has taken steps to publicly embrace his son and grandson, extending invitations to them for consecutive weekends at Camp David.

Recent developments have brought Hunter Biden, the president’s son, into the spotlight once again. The Justice Department’s announcement last month addressed the plea agreement in which Hunter admitted to two tax violations and a felony gun charge.

The resulting legal arrangement is expected to keep him from serving a prison sentence. Meanwhile, conservative critics on Twitter vehemently condemned The New York Times’ claims about the Bidens’ alleged exclusion of their granddaughter. Labeling it as ‘gross’ and ‘sad,’ these conservatives expressed their dissatisfaction with the family’s treatment of the child. Requests for comment made by Fox News Digital to the White House have gone unanswered at present.


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