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Biden Administration’s Ongoing Disregard for Court Decisions Raises Concerns

Biden Administration Under Fire for Eroding Supreme Court’s Credibility


The current administration’s actions have been called into question in regards to the country’s highest court. It is evident that the Biden administration is persistently working to erode the credibility and standing of the Supreme Court, especially when rulings don’t align with their own views.

The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) highlights how the Department of Education recently issued ‘guidance’ to universities and colleges that effectively encourages them to disregard the Supreme Court’s ruling against racial preferences in admissions.

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Rather than considering an applicant’s race, institutions are now prompted to focus on an applicant’s life experiences tied to their race as a factor in their admissions decision.

AMAC’s analysis reveals examples provided in the guidance that indicate how universities might favor certain applicants based on personal accounts.

For instance, an applicant describing their experience as the first Black violinist in their city’s youth orchestra or recounting the challenges faced as the only South Asian student in a rural high school.

In essence, the Biden administration is effectively granting schools permission to continue pursuing discriminatory admissions practices that were recently declared illegal by the Supreme Court.

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While this is one standout case, it is far from the sole instance where the Biden administration has disregarded legitimate Court decisions. In June, the Court struck down Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, a ruling that many legal experts saw as potentially unconstitutional.

Nevertheless, the President unveiled an alternative strategy to bypass the ruling and repeatedly questioned the jurisdiction of the court. He accused the Court’s originalist justices of aligning with ‘Republican elected officials and special interests,’ undermining the authority of a separate branch of government.

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Another looming impact on Biden’s plans comes from the court’s recent ruling that deemed his $430 billion transfer of student debt as unlawful.

The case of Moore v. United States carries significant weight for the President, even as the court prepares to hear cases related to the right to bear arms, federal agency authority, and the trademarking of ‘Trump too small.’ These debates all hinge on Biden’s persistent desire for a wealth tax implementation.

During the State of the Union address, Biden championed his proposal for a billionaire minimum tax, aiming to prioritize work over vast wealth. He stated that billionaires should not have a lower tax rate than teachers or firefighters.

Additionally, Biden later introduced a 25% annual tax on all gains exceeding $100 million in a year, including unrealized capital gains. The proposal, according to The Washington Examiner, is intended for the top 0.01% highest earners.

However, due to Republican control in the House of Representatives, the proposal faces significant opposition.

One crucial element that could permanently derail Biden’s wealth tax proposal is a ruling by the Supreme Court. If the Court deems such a tax to be unconstitutional, it would effectively quash the plan for good.

Given the court’s recent rulings and upcoming cases, including those that address the right to bear arms, the authority of federal agencies, and trademarking, the outcome of the wealth tax debate remains uncertain.


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