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Biden Administration Issued 34,000 Visas to Refugees After Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal  

U.S. Failure of Afghanistan Withdrawal Gets Worse with Added Visas


The American international department has confirmed the sanctioning of a substantial number of visas for our Afghan allies who offered their support to our country’s military and administrative interests.

This took place in the aftermath of the 2021 decision by the present leadership, under President Biden, to retract all American forces from Afghanistan. The meticulous report that provides these details was dispatched on a Thursday to Congress by the principal inspector general.

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The decision to pull back American troops unfolded a turnaround of events in Afghanistan, culminating in the Taliban seizing widespread control of the region. This unfortunate scenario led to the unfortunate exodus of multiple Afghan citizens, based on data gathered by the Wilson Center.

Hence, the U.S., in its dedicated effort to aid our allies fleeing from these dire circumstances, has seen its International Relations Department issuing nearly 34,000 Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) to Afghans.

These Afghans, who received the visas, include them and their immediate kin. These detailed figures were made available in the Inspector General’s report unveiled on the specified Thursday. A special provision, the SIV is a permit to stay permanently for those Afghans who made substantial contributions to U.S. interests in Afghanistan.

Guidance from the Immigration Forum clarifies that this might include roles such as interpreting or translating for the U.S. Armed Forces, or even working in a direct capacity for the American government. The noble cause of promoting freedom and global security saw extensive participation from the Afghan people, demonstrating their own commitment to these shared values.

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In 2023, the first half of the year witnessed the endorsement of about 15,500 SIVs for those Afghans who have rendered their service. This is a substantial increase when compared to the numbers from the corresponding period of 2022, which stood around 9,000. The report further indicates that an additional 13,187 applicants are currently under the International Relations Department’s scrutiny.

Apart from the SIVs, the humanitarian effort named Operation Allies Welcome has accommodated approximately 90,000 refugees from Afghanistan within the U.S. borders. This is over and above the Special Immigration Visas and reflects America’s commitment to sheltering those in adversity.

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The complete withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, a process wrapped up in August 2021, had an unfortunate tragedy in the form of a suicide attack at the Kabul airport. This attack claimed the lives of as many as 13 brave American military personnel.

The administration under President Biden continues to assert that this decision to withdraw American forces was the right strategic choice. This stand remains undeterred, despite the tragedy that struck our servicemen.

However, in the aftermath of our forces’ departure, the Taliban quickly filled the power vacuum in Afghanistan. They established themselves as the leading authority in the country in August 2021, and their brutal rule has been marked by egregious human rights violations.

According to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, the new regime has executed and brutalized many Afghans. Many of these unfortunate victims were part of Afghanistan’s erstwhile Army. Their comrades who managed to escape this reign of terror live steeped in a pervasive atmosphere of fear.

The troubling scenario of flagrant violations of human rights under the Taliban’s rule continues, attracting international condemnation from bodies such as the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA). Their statement attributes a part of these horrific violations to the apparent impunity with which the de facto authorities operate.

In the words of UNAMA, the individuals constituting these de facto authorities either perpetrate these atrocities or turn a blind eye to the human rights violations that are committed under their noses. Their neglect and active participation only add to the existing hostilities, escalating the severity of the crisis.

The report concerning the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, with revealing data about the issuance of visas and the current state of human rights, was attempted to be commented on by the State Department. However, immediate response to requests for comment remained unavailable.

Despite the grave circumstances in Afghanistan, it is crucial to note the efforts of American diplomacy and humanitarian aid. These efforts are helping those most affected by the turbulent situation, offering relief and protection whenever possible.

In summation, the United States’ active involvement in aiding Afghans who worked closely with the American government demonstrates a commitment to protecting our allies. The rising numbers of granted Special Immigrant Visas reflect this unwavering commitment.

Regardless of the prevailing situation, the support for those who champion shared values and the pursuit of global security only seems to be intensifying. The work, however, is far from over, and the nation stands poised to continue in its humanitarian commitments.


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