Biden Administration Fires Trump Allies from Media Outlets

(Merica! Now Update: It appears that we are being censored by Google Play in the Search Results. To download use this link , Please send to your Friends! Thank you!)

The current (New) Chief of the United States Global Media Agency, Kelu Chao has decided to fire a plethora of media leaders from federally funded news organizations. Why? because they were seen as ‘Trump Allies”

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Organizations effected are Free Europe Radio, Radio Free Asia and The middle east Broadcasting Network. Ironically these “Free” radio stations aren’t terribly free anymore in terms of speech.

Spokespersons for The Agency for Global Media refuses to make comment on the situation that is transpiring. Likely because there is no reasonable explanation

In Today’s America, you are not free to voice your opinions or show support for the Former president. You will be torn down. The first signs of fascism is when the leaders of a regime begin silencing political opposition and taking control of the media.


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