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Biden Administration Welds Open AZ Border and Migrants Pour In

Controversial Decision by Biden Administration Allows Migrants to Flood into Arizona


According to a recent media report, certain actions taken by Biden administration officials have raised concerns. It has been revealed that border wall gates near Lukeville, Arizona were deliberately welded open, creating a pathway for migrants to freely enter the Arizona desert.

Border Patrol officials have accepted responsibility for their decision to weld open the flood gates in sections of the border wall.

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Initially, they tried to shift blame onto other federal agencies for this action, which has allowed thousands of migrants to easily cross into what is now the busiest border sector in the country.

In July, the Tucson Sector recorded the highest number of migrant apprehensions across the nation. With nearly 40,000 migrants apprehended, this represents a staggering 136 percent increase compared to July 2022.

When looking at the year-to-date apprehensions, the sector is ranked second overall. So far, nearly 274,000 migrants have been arrested, reflecting a 59 percent increase compared to the same period last year, as reported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The New York Post had the opportunity to speak with some of the migrants who took advantage of the open gates.

An Ecuadorian migrant expressed surprise, saying, ‘We thought the agents were going to say something to us, but we just got in.’ Similarly, a Cuban migrant mentioned, ‘It was so easy to get into the United States.

Nothing like our trip through Mexico. That part was difficult. I thought there was going to be more security.’ These firsthand accounts shed light on the ease with which migrants have been able to cross the border.

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These gates were initially installed in the border wall construction to ensure the safe passage of monsoon-season floodwaters and migratory animals. CBP officials clarified that the gates were necessary due to potential risks to the barrier’s design integrity caused by high water flow and excessive sediment buildup.

However, Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, highlighted a worrisome aspect. He explained to the New York newspaper that the Mexican cartels constantly monitor border security and quickly exploit any gaps for their own gain. Judd stated, ‘Because the cartels are constantly surveilling what we do, the moment something gets left open, it gets exploited.

In this particular case, it exploded almost immediately, which shows you how adept the criminal cartels are at exploiting any weakness at any time that we show them.’ Furthermore, Judd emphasized that these gates ‘should never open up.’

The New York Post article accompanying the report includes a series of photographs showcasing the welded-open gates and migrants freely crossing through them. One photo captures a steel spike welded to the ground, keeping the gate open.

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The numbers further illustrate the situation. In June, the Tucson Sector witnessed an average of 821 daily migrant apprehensions by Border Patrol agents. This number rose to approximately 1,200 per day in July. Unofficial Border Patrol figures obtained in early August by Breitbart Texas indicate a continued escalation to 1,483 migrant apprehensions per day during the first two weeks of the month.


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