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BREAKING: Biden Administration Considering Massive Sale of Fighter Jets and Missiles to Israel 

Biden’s Military Aid to Israel Defies Internal Pressure

News broke recently that the administration of President Joe Biden is mulling over a pointedly robust package deal for Israel: the potential supply of fighter jets and missiles valued at an impressive $18 billion. In the aftermath of the unsettlingly violent Hamas attacks on Israel this past October, this proposed deal is noteworthy indeed, potentially ranking as the most considerable since that time.

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Per insider sources quoted by CNN, the proposed armament deal would encompass up to 50 spanking new F-15 fighter jets. Beyond the jets, the proposal also includes 30 AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAMs). Although no specific number has been cited yet, Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAMs) also stand as part of this sizable defensive package.

The specifics of the deal, detailed by a Congressional aide and an additional administration official, were relayed with discretion, as final approval of the deal has yet to occur. Despite this, the overarching message appears clear: the Biden administration is gearing up to ratify this weapons transaction. A testament to this readiness is the preliminary information relayed to the relevant congressional committees.

Timelines for weaponry delivery indicate that the defensive tools wouldn’t be in Israeli possession for quite some time. Yet the gesturing of this proposed arrangement arrives during intensifying pressures on President Biden – both from internal and external fronts – to rethink his support for Israel.

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Voices erupting from Capitol Hill, from within his own administration, and from the spheres of prospective voters suggest varying degrees of support. Some suggest that President Biden should distance himself entirely from present relations with Israel.

Interestingly, despite external pressures, Biden appears to remain steadfast in his approach. Indications point to the unofficial notification to Congress about the sale. Although not ratified, such a move showcases this administration’s readiness for the transaction.

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The Democrats, however, are working to apply pressure in their way. Politico reports that they’re urging Biden’s administration to contemplate the idea of leveraging arms sales to Israel, proposing a tactic that involves halting current arrangements to induce Israeli compliance.

The Democrats’ objective is clear: to compel Israel to desist from its planned ground incursions into Rafah, a heavily populated zone. Israel identifies this area as the primary refuge for Hamas, prompting concerns as over 1 million civilians currently seek shelter there from the escalated fighting.

Casualty reports emerging from Gaza’s health sector – currently under Hamas control – state that the clash has resulted in a death toll of 32,000 Palestinians. Yet it remains unclear how these numbers are differentiated between innocent civilians and combatants actively involved in the warfare.

In a significant statement, Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen from Maryland has indicated that Congress might intervene to obstruct the transfer of offensively-inclined weapons to Israel. This action could be taken if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives the green light for a ground assault on Rafah.

Echoing this sentiment, President Biden warned that such an operation would represent a clear crossing of the so-called ‘red line’. He underscored the importance of maintaining this stance, highlighting the necessity for stringent presidential accountability measures, as communicated by Van Hollen.

It is to be noted: JDAMs, a complex aspect of the proposal, are kits designed to convert unguided bombs into precision-guided weaponry. This fact alone emphasises the elevated level of modern technology that would be involved in this transaction.

Earlier this year, on March 29, The Washington Post revealed that the Biden administration had already approved an armament package for Israel. This comprised of 1,800 MK84 2,000-pound bombs, alongside an additional 500 MK82 500-pound bombs.

Affirming this decision, a White House official stated, ‘We have continued to support Israel’s right to defend itself.’ They further clarified that conditioning aid has not been a traditional practice of their administration’s policy.

Currently, the State Department and Department of Defense have not made any official comments regarding the matter. As we await their response, this development marks a pivotal point in U.S. – Israel relations under Biden’s administration.

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