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Biden Administration Accused of Coercing Big Tech in Censorship Allegations

Damning Evidence Emerges: Biden Administration Under Fire for Free Speech Violations


The Biden administration is currently under scrutiny following allegations of collusion between the White House and Facebook to censor Americans. Rep. Jim Jordan revealed what he refers to as a ‘smoking gun’ that suggests the administration coerced and colluded with Big Tech social media platforms.

These documents obtained by the House Judiciary Committee indicate that the Biden administration pressured tech giants to go beyond their regular censorship policies, thus violating the principles of free speech enshrined in the First Amendment.

The evidence highlights how the federal government’s demands pushed Big Tech to exceed the boundaries outlined in their own internal policies and guidelines.


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In a recent ruling known as Missouri v. Biden, a judge prohibited key agencies from communicating with social media companies to avoid potential violations of the First Amendment.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey emphasized the significance of these newly released internal documents, which corroborate the evidence discovered in their lawsuit. With the belief that Joe Biden intends to undermine free speech in America, Bailey declared the need to persist in their efforts to prevent this outcome.

Rep. Jim Jordan expressed his concern in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), stating that the Facebook and Instagram platforms censored posts and altered their moderation policies due to unconstitutional pressure from the Biden administration.

Social media companies faced substantial public and private pressure, especially in the first half of 2021, to crack down on alleged ‘misinformation.’ An email from a Facebook employee in April 2021 revealed the influence of external stakeholders, including the White House, exerting pressure on the organization to remove specific posts.

Echoing these concerns, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford Medical revealed instances where individuals were censored for sharing true statements that did not align with the narrative. For instance, mentioning the effectiveness of natural immunity after recovering from COVID-19 or highlighting the possibility of vaccine injuries resulted in censorship.

Bhattacharya also highlighted the irony of the White House’s own Facebook post on the CDC pausing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine being censored by their own regime. He emphasized that such actions violated the rights of the American people without any valid reason.

Rep. Jim Jordan cited an email from a Facebook executive to demonstrate that the company was aware of the infringement on free expression and the boundaries set by the First Amendment.

Jordan expressed his disappointment with Facebook, which he believed chose to maintain a ‘cozy’ relationship with the administration at the expense of their users’ rights. During ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ Jordan highlighted how the White House’s actions not only violated free speech but also had detrimental effects on public health.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya echoed Rep. Jordan’s sentiment, stating that it was unnecessary for the White House to force individuals to take the vaccine. Instead, they should have provided them with the truth, allowing citizens to make informed decisions for themselves.

Bhattacharya advocated for the vaccine, especially for older individuals, but emphasized that he never forced anyone to take it. According to him, the actions of the White House infringed on Americans’ rights and ultimately harmed public health.


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