Biden Admin Press Staffers Dropping Like Flies

Three Biden Administration press staffers have quit their jobs in the last week, while rumors circulate that more will follow. 

Rapid Response director Mike Gwin, Assistant Press Secretary, Vedant Patel, and Chief of Staff, Amanda Finney all resigned from their positions, not long after Jen Psaki passed her job along to Karine Jean-Pierre. 

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Gwin has held his position in the press office since Joe Biden was inaugurated. Instead of remaining there, he has departed to the treasury department to be there the deputy assistant secretary for public affairs.

Patel will move on to become a spokesperson for the State Department at nearly the same time as Gwin’s departure 

Finney is transferring to the Energy Department to be their director of public affairs. 

The Daily Caller reported, Multiple sources close to the White House have said that chief of staff Ron Klain will be departing his position at some point after the midterms, NBC reported. Biden administration officials have also reportedly stated that staffers shuffling from job to job is routine at this point in a presidential term, NY Post noted.

Employees ditch the department amid rumors of frustration within Joe Biden’s regime. 

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