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Ben Carson Emerges as Favorite for Trump’s VP for 2024 Campaign

Trump’s Loyal Ally: Is Carson the Ideal Choice for Vice President?


The race for who will have the honor of serving as President Donald Trump’s running mate continues to intensify. The discussion has been colored with diverse possibilities, with the majority being female, and now a familiar face has emerged as the leading candidate – a name circulated during the 2016 Republican nomination.

Enter Dr. Ben Carson, a respected figure who served as Trump’s former Director of Housing and Urban Development. Dr. Carson, who is known for his unwavering support for Trump, finds himself in favorable regard with the wider public, according to the Calvin Coolidge Project’s report.

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Many have voiced their warm sentiments towards the possibility of a Carson vice presidency, highlighting his calm demeanor as the ideal balance to Trump’s more assertive style. Unlike several who were part of Trump’s former administration, Dr. Carson’s loyalty has never wavered — a virtue Trump deeply appreciates.

Last October, Carson officially announced his support for Trump in a heartfelt endorsement, stating, ‘Our nation is in desperate need of strong leadership. A President who fights for the American people, our freedoms, our safety, and our future. Donald J. Trump is that leader and I take pride in fully endorsing him for President of the United States today.

However, Dr. Carson’s position as a frontrunner does not solidify him as the inevitable choice. Last September, foreshadowing remarks from Trump himself hinted at other potential candidates which did not include Carson. Trump elaborated that he is not committed to naming a female VP, although he does appreciate the idea.

In an interview with NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’ anchor Kristen Welker, the former president was asked about his plans for a running mate if he were to secure the nomination. Responding to this, Trump commented, ‘I wouldn’t want to overthink it. Of course, there’s always some thought, but I believe it’s premature. What’s crucial is winning.

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Trump further underscored that while the decision on the vice-presidential candidate is vital, it’s ultimately the presidential candidate who sways public opinion. When probed about his preference for a female running mate, Trump responded, ‘I do appreciate the idea, but the priority is competence.’

The conversation took a tantalizing turn when Governor Noem’s name came up, with evidence pointing to a potential Trump/Noem collaboration, thanks to their joint endorsement and Noem’s strong governing status. Trump warmly acknowledged considering her, calling Governor Noem ‘excellent’ and stating that he’d consider her for vice president or another important role, adding strength to the richness of the Republican Party.

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Meanwhile, the rumor mill has churned out another name: Rep. Nancy Mace from South Carolina’s Republican Party. On ‘The Daily Show’, the host Charlamagne tha God questioned Mace about the possibility of her running with Trump in 2024.

Mace responded with curiosity and interest, yet expressed that she was still to be officially approached. Keeping her feet firmly on home turf, she emphasized her dedication to South Carolina, which she loves and will always serve first and foremost. However, she did acknowledge the importance of this discussion for the inspiration and empowerment of young girls, including her own daughter.

Nancy Mace further stated, ‘The thought of running is intriguing and compelling. However, my decisions will always be rooted in the wellbeing of South Carolina. It’s of great importance that these conversations are had, so that my little girl grows up knowing that she too could be President one day.’

While the final decision is awaited in suspense, one thing is certain: the range and variety of these potential candidates underscore the richness of talent within the Republican Party. Women’s representation and leadership continue to shape up the VP discussions, marking an unprecedented evolution in the party.

As the dust begins to settle on these candidacy discussions, it becomes clear that no matter who Trump chooses to be his co-pilot in steering the great American ship, he is sure to pick someone capable, loyal, and with the determination to uphold the liberties and securities of the American people, just as he has throughout his tenure.


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