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Biden 2024 Ballot Spot Contested by GOP Legislators in Key Election States

Battleground States Respond to Colorado’s Bold Ballot Move Proposing Biden Ban


In response to a recent decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to exclude former President Donald Trump from its 2024 ballot citing accusations of ‘incitement of insurrection’ on January 6, 2021, GOP legislators from a trio of significant battleground states have begun to initiate counter-action. Reports from Breitbart News reveal that the lawmakers in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, each a key state for any election, have begun crafting proposals to exclude President Joe Biden from their respective 2024 ballots.

These state representatives argue that they are merely responding to what they consider Democrats engaging in ‘lawfare’, a strategy that employs legal means negatively to challenge or impede adversaries. In this case, the adversary these Republicans allege is none other than Donald Trump, who they feel has been unfairly attacked by Democrats.

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The verdict by the Colorado high court, which came by a narrow 4-3 majority, invokes the U.S Constitution’s ‘Insurrection Clause’ as the basis for barring Trump from appearing on Colorado’s presidential ballot. To this ending, GOP legislators in the aforementioned states are initiating their counter maneuvers.

“We’re banding together to draft legislation that will DENY Joe Biden a spot on the Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania ballots,” stated these representatives in a statement made to Breitbart News. They went on to articulate their concern that these ‘extreme Democrat judges’ removing President Trump from the Colorado ballot would tarnish America’s political heritage for generations to come.

By channelling the prevailing interpretation of law, the lawmakers went further, arguing that according to the very same understanding, President Biden is unequivocally not fit to run for office. Expanding further, they pointed to the recent border crisis and allegations of Biden’s dubious familial business transactions in China as evidence of his ‘insurrection.’

The legislators declared that those in Colorado had drastically altered the playing field, vowing, ‘we will not sit idly by and watch our Republic be dismantled.’ They clarified that their goal is to draw attention to the absurdity of Colorado’s ruling and fight for every candidate’s right to appear on the ballot in all states.

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Fighting back as Republicans against the communists currently ruling our esteemed country is a must,’ they claimed. However, overcoming legislative hurdles might prove challenging, especially in Arizona and Pennsylvania, where the executive branch is held by Democratic governors.

However, Newt Gingrich, the former House Speaker, conveyed to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, a certain optimism in the face of these challenges. He believes that there are more than a dozen states within the nation where Republican predominance in both legislature and governorship could potentially sideline Biden from the ballots, if compelled to do so.

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‘This incident has the potential to bring catastrophic consequences,’ he cautioned, noting that the 1,360,000 Colorado voters who cast their ballots for Donald Trump are facing disenfranchisement by the decision of a mere four lawyers. ‘For every 340,000 Coloradans who voted for Trump, a single lawyer is standing in their way. That’s an instance of institutional arrogance that just won’t stand.’

Gingrich drew a parallel to the last significant effort of its kind, the refusal by ten states to include Abraham Lincoln on the 1860 ballot. He emphatically warned that the American people wouldn’t accept an infringement on their right to choose their preferred presidential candidate.

He further surmised that Democratic moves to impede Trump’s chances are strategic maneuvers designed to foment social unrest. He implied that these moves could be a ploy to tighten control ahead of elections, which they foresee as potentially unfavorable.

Gingrich also voiced concerns about the looming dangers of precipitating a confrontation of substantial magnitude. He stressed, ‘We are in America, not Venezuela, Nicaragua, or Cuba. Democrats in their current track are inching frighteningly close to pushing the country into a crisis.’

The former Speaker warned of the dangers inherent in this unprecedented political climate, labeling the Democrats’ current course as insane and detrimental to societal harmony. Gingrich did not shy away from acknowledging that the present course could end up in a severe conflict.

He concluded by posing a hypothetical scenario: imagine a host of hardline Republican states controlling both the legislative and executive branches. Having about 15 to 20 such states banishing the Democrats from the ballot would indeed be madness and morally wrong. ‘But it is what’s being set up currently,’ Gingrich cautioned, emphasizing the precarious nature of the ongoing political brinkmanship.


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