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Bank of America Cancels Reporter’s Account Amid Controversial Coverage

Banking Dilemma for Christina Urso: A Retaliation for Reporting Unsettling Facts?

Bank of America

Renowned independent reporter, Christina Urso, also recognized among her followers as Radix Verum, has recently made known the unexpected closure of her bank account by Bank of America. Well known for laying bare various subjects including the role of the FBI in the abduction case of Governor Whitmer, Urso leveraged the reach of her preferred social media platform to express her bemusement and annoyance.

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Urso’s network of followers on her social media platform were notified of her plight, with the suddenness and lack of explanation from the bank’s risk control team causing particular consternation. She is quoted as saying, ‘Apparently, Bank of America chose to ‘discontinue’ their business links with me, a decision taken by their ‘risk control team’ for seemingly no cause. This sudden action, on a bank I’ve long trusted, is seemingly tied to my critical reporting and the documentary I’ve been working on.’

Urso was left high and dry by Bank of America as they refused to allow access to her funds or provide reason for their actions. They offered vague promises of a ‘check in the post’ but failed to communicate when to expect it. Compounding her woes is an upcoming trip at the end of this month for her documentary, now under financial jeopardy due to her unexpected lack of funds.

A recent encounter at one of the bank’s local branches was related by Urso where she sought to find a solution to her problem. Seemingly inconsequential conversation about her profession with an employee sparked suspicion that it may perhaps have played a role in the decision to terminate her account.

Urso shed further light on her plight, hinting at her suspicions that the decision to conclude her account is correlated with her criticism of various institutions and her forthcoming documentary about misconduct by the FBI in the Whitmer abduction case.

Recalling past instances surrounding the case, Urso discussed the FBI’s use of at least a dozen informants to implicate six defendants in the Whitmer case. Urso highlighted the ‘disturbing’ disproportion of informants to defendants, which raised eyebrows.

Urso then went on to draw similarities between her own experience and the bank’s alleged history of providing customer information to federal authorities following the incidents of January 6th. She drew a vivid picture of her predicament by outlining this previous action by the bank.

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In the wake of the Capitol chaos in 2021, The Gateway Pundit highlighted the bank’s alleged efforts to collate and present customers’ transaction data to law enforcement authorities at the behest of the US government. It was stated that Bank of America trawled through customer data to highlight certain actions such as stays in DC, potential future stays in the vicinity, recent airline purchases and any weapon purchases, all without explicit consent from customers.

Urso, in a video post, asked for her followers’ assistance to make her problem public and increase awareness. Concurrently, she reached out to her supporters for contributions to her documentary fund in an effort to ease financial strain brought on by the abrupt closure of her account.

Bank of America has previously severed ties with Dr. John Eastman, a conservative lawyer famous for his efforts around election fraud. Eastman had his banking relationship with Bank of America abruptly ended, a story which found airtime on The Daily Caller.

Eastman’s proactive decision to transfer most of his funds from Bank of America to USAA, due to concerns around the bank’s perceived leftist tilt, appears to have been timely. However, in a twist of irony, Eastman found both his BOA and USAA accounts suddenly closed, leaving him scrambling.

While both BOA and USAA have been beneficiaries of federal insurance and considerable taxpayer bailouts in the financial crash of 2008, somehow, they were still able to close Eastman’s accounts within just two months, raising questions about the interplay of banking institutions and their obligations.

The Gateway Pundit has diligently highlighted how this ‘debanking’ tactic has found favour as a tool to target opponents. In 2021, this very publication faced a similar situation when it was unexpectedly barred from PayPal, though it had never broken any terms of service.

A similar situation unfolded in the United Kingdom where Brexit advocate, Nigel Farage, was denied service by major banks. After a strong campaign, Farage received an apology from major shareholder, Natwest, and even beheld the resignation of its CEO, Dame Alison Rose.

Sudden involuntary closure of banking accounts can have major financial impacts, leading to the loss of large amounts of revenue and leaving individuals scrambling to secure alternative banking services swiftly. This situation underscores the need for individuals to be vigilant and tread carefully with their financial entities.


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