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Biden Admin Ask Service Members to Return After Discharging them Over Covid Vaccine Mandate

Recruitment Challenge Deepens: Does the Progressive Push in Military Policies Play a Role?


In the unfolding narrative of the Biden administration, there has been a noted decrease in the number of people eager to join the U.S. armed forces. The core reason seems to be a growing perception of the military as a political proxy rather than a neutral defender of our nation.

Indeed, the usual enthusiasm for potentially serving on foreign soils appears reduced. In response to this, the Department of Defense (DoD) is acting swiftly to rectify a mistake that seems to have exacerbated this decline in recruitment, marking a significant development in its COVID-19 vaccination policy.

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Recently, the DoD decided to rethink its previous insistence on compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations among personnel. Over the past days, numerous letters have been sent to previously dismissed service members, who left their posts due to their reluctance to comply with the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination protocol.

The contents of these letters suggest a viable path for these ex-service members via the Army Discharge Review Board or the Army Board for Correction of Military Records to alter their personal records.

The aforementioned letter, bearing the signature of Brigadier General Hope C. Rampy, U.S. Army Director of the Military Personnel Management Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, underlines a significant policy shift.

With the removal of all existing COVID-19 vaccination requirements, former service members, who were involuntarily relieved of their duties due to refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, are now being given the opportunity to rectify their military records with the Army Discharge Review Board (ADRB) or the Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR).

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This undoubtedly marks a major shift in the military’s stance on the matter.

In spite of such advancement, there still remains the significant hurdle of making a career in the military attractive to the younger generation of Americans. As reports from The Associated Press suggest, the U.S. Army fell short of its yearly target of enlisting 65,000 soldiers by a significant margin of approximately 25 percent or around 15,000 individuals.

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It appears that the recruitment challenge has deepened as the DoD continues to prioritize policies more closely associated with the progressive wing of the Democratic party, rather than focusing on the core values of military service.

Polices such as providing military funding for service members to procure abortions, advocating for transgender acceptance, and advancing other progressive-centric initiatives are believed to be adding to the growing hesitance among potential recruits. A recent incident further exemplifies this mismatch of values, where service members were warned of potential expulsion if they chose to participate in a pro-Trump ‘patriot’ rally.

The warnings issued by military leaders stated that any involvement with groups that were involved in organizing the rally could put service members’ future in the U.S. military at risk. Base personnel even received a text message cautioning them about venturing downtown during the event. The cautionary message emphasized the need for service members to ‘be careful’ and to ‘reach out for any concerns’, hinting the possibility of confrontation with rally attendees.

Interestingly, the controversial text message, which was later publicized via an ‘Air Force amen/nco/snco’ Facebook page, labelled ‘Turning Point Action’, the group believed to have been involved in organizing the event, as an ‘alt-right’ outfit. This despite the group’s obvious record of mainstream conservative political activities, a characteristic that is reflective of many proud Americans, since its establishment two years ago.

In the face of these developments, many potential recruits and enthusiastic patriots are choosing to pursue careers outside of the military. This growing trend of opting for non-military career paths is causing alarm among military leadership. However, while dealing with this recruitment crisis, they continue to endorse progressive values, often associated with ‘wokeness’.

It remains to be seen whether the approach will shift once more to align military leadership and the potential pool of recruits from the general American public. With the ever-pressing need for a formidable military to thrive in today’s world, putting a halt to the adoption of priorities that aren’t central to the core values of the military may well be the key.

Continuing in this line, a re-evaluation of policies could potentially create an environment where faithfulness to duty, country, and the constitution are once again the primary values recognized and nurtured. It is with this recentering, many believe, that those with a passion to serve may begin to reconsider the armed forces as a promising career path.

A unified, cohesive, and purpose-focused military has always been the strength of every successful nation. It is hoped that necessary adjustments will be made, facilitating the return of enthusiastic patriots to the ranks of America’s military forces. Emphasizing bipartisan values inherent in our society and depoliticizing military policies can pave the way for an ideal balance where the armed forces radiate the true spirit of service.

The United States Armed Forces, long known as a symbol of national strength and resilience, may thus regain its allure for young patriots. The mark of a robust military is one that adapts and evolves, always serving the interests of the nation above political ideology. It seems only natural to expect that an important lesson may have been learned from the recent vaccination mandate debacle.

Only time will tell if this newfound flexibility will extend to other areas of military policy that seem out of step with mainstream American values. Then, perhaps, those young Americans who have faith in the strength and integrity of their nation could find the call of the Armed Forces irresistible once again.


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