Arizona Cardinals face tough 2023 season following departure of starters

The Arizona Cardinals said goodbye to some of their starters following the conclusion of the 2022 regular season, either by retirement or free agency. However, the franchise has done a great job at getting their rebuild off to a promising start under a new coaching staff and front office. Yet, surviving the 2023 season will take a lot of work.’s Kevin Patra’s evaluation highlights the Cardinals’ defensive front as their biggest concern at No. 1.

This poses a major challenge for the Cardinals, who are already viewed as having one of the worst rosters. According to Patra, “The front seven is a total blank slate after J.J. Watt’s retirement and Zach Allen’s move to Denver.” Former Seattle first-round pick L.J. Collier may find his footing, but that’s being optimistic. Meanwhile, the Cardinals are betting that moving 2021 first-round pick Zaven Collins to outside linebacker will unleash the dominance he displayed in college. Additionally, there’s hope that BJ Ojulari, a second-round pick, can provide that instant pressure needed.

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When it comes to analyzing Arizona’s defense, it’s like playing Blackjack in a dark room, as Patra puts it. The Cardinals have an uphill battle against them, and it is doubtful that GM Monti Ossenfort will be looking to spend big money to upgrade the defensive side of things, especially with all the other areas of concern before them. As a result, the team is expected to struggle in 2023, the first year under Jonathan Gannon as head coach.

With the departure of Watt and Allen, the team lost half of their total 36 sacks for the season. The Cardinals are hoping that Cameron Thomas, Myjai Sanders, or BJ Ojulari will step up to fill the void in 2023 and provide the much-needed pass rush. Zaven Collins moves to the edge, and Isaiah Simmons will be converted to the secondary, while the team is relying on Kyzir White and Krys Barners to anchor the middle linebacker position. Additionally, fifth-round pick Owen Pappoe serves as a viable backup option for either White or Barners.

Arizona might have a lot to figure out in 2023 and beyond as far as their defensive scheme is concerned, and the base package remains unknown. However, they have a promising group of players to develop. The Cardinals need to work hard, but they have the potential to make big strides.

As we come to the close of a challenging year, the Arizona Cardinals coaches and front office are left with some serious decisions to make. Their previous successes have left some large shoes to fill as they move into the 2023 season with a younger and less experienced defensive front.

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However, there is optimism around some of their younger players. Collins’ potential is unquestionable, and Ojulari could quickly become a star in this league. There is a lot of work to do, but the Cardinals are prepared to put in the effort necessary to become a team to be reckoned with again.

In loss, there are opportunities. The Arizona Cardinals are no exception to this saying. Losing Watt’s and Allen’s combined 18 sacks will sting, no doubt. However, the team is taking it as a challenge to develop and build their young reserve talent up to fill that void.

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Arizona needs its own set of stars to step up and fill the shoes of the veterans who have left. No doubt, it’s a tough ask. The challenge for the franchise is to work together to achieve a better tomorrow put in the effort and hard work needed.

The Arizona Cardinals now face an even bigger challenge with the exit of veterans, Watt and Allen, following the 2022 season. Where do they go from here? With a draft full of talented young players and a solid coaching staff, they may just have what they need to survive.

The departure of Watt and Allen will undoubtedly hurt, but the team has young talent to develop. The recent NFL draft has given the Cardinals hope with excellent picks like BJ Ojulari and Zaven Collins. The team will be leaning on its younger players, and they have a solid coaching staff to guide them.

The Arizona Cardinals have a long road ahead of them, needing to rebuild their team following the departure of veteran defenders, Watt and Allen. However, having a promising young player like Collins and a young talent like Ojulari hints at the team’s potential to bounce back from the losses.

Trying to fill the gap left by the retirement of Watt and the departure of Allen will be no easy task for Arizona, but they have promising talents like Collins and Ojulari to step up. The coaching staff is solid, and this team has the potential to be strong again. Now, it is just a matter of putting in the work.

The Arizona Cardinals have a tough road ahead after losing their veteran defenders, J.J. Watt and Zach Allen. They now need to rebuild their defense through young prospects. However, there are promising signs with their recent drafts, including players such as Zaven Collins and BJ Ojulari.

The defensive front is one of the most significant areas of concern for the Arizona Cardinals in the upcoming 2023 NFL season. After the loss of Watt and Allen, the Cardinals will need to rely on the development of their young talents like Collins, Ojulari, Sanders, and Thomas to fill the void.

Arizona has a tough challenge ahead when it comes to revitalizing its defense in 2023 and beyond. The team will be relying on young talent to step up and fill the big shoes left by Watt and Allen. The Cards have a solid coaching staff and young prospects, however, and it’s possible they could make a big turnaround.

Though Arizona faces significant uncertainty heading into the 2023 season following the departure of J.J. Watt and Zach Allen, there is some reason for optimism with promising young talents like Collins and Ojulari. The team has a lot of work ahead of them, but they might just surprise us all.


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