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WATCH: AOC Under Fire for ‘Rico Is Not a Crime Comment’ During Biden Impeachment Hearing

Bobulinski Strikes Back at Ocasio-Cortez’s Challenge at Impeachment Hearing

In a recent impeachment hearing, Tony Bobulinski, who previously collaborated with Hunter Biden, was eagerly interrogated by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the specific violations committed by President Biden. Ocasio-Cortez asked Bobulinski repeatedly to provide explicit details about the offenses the President was involved in. This dialogue did not go as smoothly as one would expect, as the discussion was more cacophonous than systematic.

With a pointed gaze, Representative Ocasio-Cortez asked Mr. Bobulinski about any misconduct he witnessed firsthand by the President. However, his attempt to respond was interrupted by the fiery representative who repeatedly pressed the same question, not allowing him a chance to reply. Regaining his footing, Bobulinski retorted, asking how much time had been allocated for him to narrate the long list of allegations.

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Undeterred, Bobulinski set the stage by specifying that, in his opinion, President Biden had breached RICO regulations and participated in financial corruption related to his son’s business operations. However, the Representative was not satisfied, questioning him further about the precise crime committed by the President. Bobulinski, unabashed, responded by mentioning RICO violations again, along with corruption statues and FARA as part of his allegations.

Ocasio-Cortez defiantly refuted Bobulinski’s claims, disputing his assertion that RICO constitutes a crime, asserting instead that it is simply a classification. Bobulinski calmly defended his assertion, explaining that RICO represents a category under which individual crimes can be charged.

The heated exchange in the impeachment hearing was further intensified when Tony Bobulinski, former business partner of Hunter Biden, explained his perception of the Biden family’s alleged improper conduct. Frustration rising, Bobulinski pointed out the large number of lawyers present in the room, suggesting they should referee the legal debate.

Ocasio-Cortez’s debate tactics led her to speaking over Bobulinski again, claiming back her speaking time, and subsequently criticized Republicans for running an impeachment investigation for over a year without concrete evidence of a ‘high crime or misdemeanor’ by the President.

Ocasio-Cortez’s emphatic stance that RICO is merely a legal classification, not a crime in itself, spurred lively discussion on social media. Republicans seized the moment to challenge the congresswoman on her understanding of RICO, with some criticizing her interpretation.

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Fox News contributor, Joe Concha, joined the online feedback by pointing out the preferential media treatment for the congresswoman’s argument disregarding that RICO is indeed considered a form criminal behavior. Representative Wesley Hunt also chipped in, humorously suggesting that prisons should be emptied if RICO is considered not to be a crime.

Interestingly, former President Donald Trump is dealing with his share of legal issues related to RICO, due to a case he’s involved in, related to the 2020 elections. The Republican-led House Oversight Committee took it upon themselves to clarify the issue with a public announcement affirming that RICO is a federal law.

Bobulinski criticizes Hunter Biden for ‘avoiding’ the American public after refusing to appear for the congressional hearing. He also has alleged that President Biden ‘facilitated’ his son in dealing with America’s ‘top adversaries,’ including China and Russia, pushing strongly for the revelation of the truth.

Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and a number of congress members keep stating they are ‘defending our Democracy.’ Bobulinski, however, stressed on the need for truth and transparency as the way forward for the nation, voicing his concern regarding the perceived nationwide disillusionment.

The President, despite these criticisms, has asked Congress to close the impeachment investigation and has categorically denied all allegations of wrongdoing. Bobulinski still pushes back, insistent on revealing an alleged ‘rot’ at the center of our political system.

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