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American’s Are Fed Up With Money Continuously Being Sent to Ukraine

New Poll Shows Americans Oppose More Aid for Ukraine

A recent survey has unveiled that 55% of Americans, irrespective of party affiliation, have reached a consensus: they do not believe the U.S. Congress should provide additional funds for the war in Ukraine.

This information comes from a CNN/SSRS poll referenced by The Daily Wire.

Findings from this poll also indicate that 45% of respondents, spanning both major political parties, support the Biden administration’s current financial backing of Ukraine in its conflict against Russia.

In contrast, 51% feel the U.S. has already contributed enough, whereas 48% believe the U.S. should intensify its efforts.


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Notably, the public’s stance has dramatically shifted from February 2022 when 62% of those surveyed said Congress should further its involvement.

The unity ends, however, when addressing the topic of funding directly. A discernible party divide is evident: a significant portion of Democrats advocate for continued financial support for the war, with 62% believing the U.S. should increase its efforts.

On the other hand, 71% of Republicans oppose sanctioning new funds, and 59% feel the U.S. has already offered ample support to Ukraine.

Interestingly, a significant 80% of participants, across party lines, harbor fears that the war may persist indefinitely without any concrete resolution.

This includes 82% of Democrats, 75% of independents, and 73% of Republicans.

For those advocating for a more hands-on U.S. role in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the most concerning statistic might be the overwhelming 80% of respondents who oppose deploying U.S. troops to fight against Russia in Ukraine.

Only a meager 19% of Democrats, 18% of independents, and 16% of Republicans endorse such a move.

Additionally, the survey reveals that 53% of Americans are dissatisfied with President Joe Biden’s approach to the Ukraine situation.

Likewise, 56% are displeased with his management of U.S.-Russia relations, and 57% are critical of his diplomacy with China.


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