America Sends Tanks To Ukraine Despite Risk Of War With Russia

Joe Biden has on many occasions stated his intentions to avoid war with Russia. Despite these “intentions” the United States continues to supply the Ukrainian state with weapons including the M109 Howitzer tank. 

It would not be illogical for Russia to view the provision of U.S. arms to Ukraine as a formal entry into the war. So why does Joe Biden continue to take this risk? Why does he continue to risk a world war? 

Just two months ago President Biden said, “look, the idea that we’re going to send in offensive equipment and have planes, and tanks and trains – uh going in with American pilots and American crews – just understand, and don’t kid yourself, no matter what y’all say that’s called World War three.” 

What is the difference between sending tanks piloted and crewed by Americans, and sending tanks piloted and crewed by Ukrainians? Either way, the weapons have the same exact effect on the Russian military regardless of the nationality of the person operating them. 


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Biden knows that with every weapon he sends he risks world war 3, yet he does not cease. This fault lies not just in Joe Biden, but in every intervening world power. The United Kingdom who sends its FH70 artillery and France with its CAESAR SPH mobile artillery. 

The U.S. M103 Howitzer Tank

In 2022, the United States assumed nearly 50% of the world’s total $1.981 trillion at $801 billion dollars. The United States sent a sum of $40 billion to Ukraine which is only $2 billion less than the United Kingdom’s entire military expenditure. 

All the while school shootings continue to occur, the United States is experiencing a formula shortage, and the federal government refuses to help out their constituents the way that they help out Ukrainians. 


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